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6 Hours

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I new I was in trouble as soon as I saw the ad: 'Enduro, 6 heures de Geneve'.

An early departure from the house saw me back home 20 minutes later scrabbling around trying to find my shoes - I was wearing sandals and didnt relish the prospect of trying to start the beast with them on - I also didnt relish the stinkfoot effect of wearing my boots for almost 9 hours....

Check in, again technical inspection involved a few pokes at my bike and starting it and assessing if it was too loud! Have a good race!

This was pretty much the first time I ran the bike since my previous race 2 months ago. I found myself wishing I had found time to check things over a bit more thoroughly

The le mans style start in position 31 out of about 60 was uneventful. The first part of the 7 km circuit was a series of loops, chicanes and straights across a huge field. Up a bank over a road another field then into a 500m stream bed with slippery boulders lining the surface...first traffic jam. Out of there and up a steep hill where I proceeded to stall in everyone way!! Ah &%ç"!! Another series of loops across fields with 100kmh fast straight then a fast looping right hander to a chicane. Whooee. Through some woods, more loops, up an almost vertical wall, over the other side (I saw some guy on an XR650 muscle past me (outadawayImona650R kindathing) and launch himself over the top of this huge molehill. Well he certainly got up but his landing was far from pain free and his bike must have suffered. Stupid pr&ck!

In between 2 maize fields at high speed, 2 chicanes then the buzz towards the start and a fast looping, sliding right hander to finish the loop.

I was riding solo, everyone else (apart from one other guy) was a 2 man team. I managed to claw my way up to 23'rd place but after 6 laps I had to switch to reserve & decided to pit - 70 minutes into the race.

A few long slugs of Isostar & a few munchies then out again.

Hour number 3 was the best, I was dialed, stoked and reading the terrain. Awesome when you corner just right, dab, accelerate, brake, stand sit all in one fluid motion. Geez, I'm getting a wood all over again!

I pitted about 7 times all in all - just too tired to continue more than 3-4 laps at a time without a 5-10 minutes break. I guess I rode about 5 hours all told.

Mechanicals included a leaky clutch, a loose hand guard (fortuntaly I noticed before it stopped me being able to turn left).

Thank god for my Scotts. I had serious arm pump at the end of the race and my clutch fingers were like jelly. The last hour or so of racing I barley clutched at all...hope the gear box survived. If I hadnt had it I would never have finished.

I still need to work on my suspension setup, the back end tends to kick up over the whoops.

I really missed my stroker in the long accelerations of which there were many - I removed it for noise check. I could feel the stock can was really choking the ole girl up.

I hardly stalled all day too, I guess about 10 times all told and I only fell off 3 times.

All in all, a good day out at the races. No major breakages of myself or the bike, a 47'th place finish amidst the 2 man teams and I still beat a couple of them. I (think) I came first out of the 2 guys going it solo but I dont have the final results yet.

As Arnie says....I'll be back....

at the races that is.

PS These bikes are just incredible. I thrashed mine all day and it just kept delivering. Nary a cough or splutter.

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Jealous does not even begin to describe the feelings I have towrds you at this moment!!!!

Congrats, It sounds like it was a blast!!


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