will this work dr.d and a fmf power bomb

Just woundering if this is the correct combo to order? 06wr450f

Thought about gutting the stocker exhaust, but would like to keep it as it is, just incase I need it later? ( put a picture frame around it, )

The Dr.D slip-on is part # 2004

and th Power Bomb header is part #044033

From my research this should be correct?

Has anybody used this combo, and also I found a complete full Dr.D system for about 90 dallars cheaper than the combo?

The slip-on is $309 and the P.B is $179, so thats $488 and the full Dr.d is $399.

What 2 do, what 2 do?

I would definately go with the full DRD system if I were you. I've had the powerbomb header before to, and I don't believe it's that special. The only plus that I could think of with the PB header is that it would still allow you to remove all your oil filter bolts without loosening the header. This may not be a problem on the 06 and earliers though, I'm not sure, but I know on the 07 and up, with the DRD header you have to loosen your headpipe bolts and rotate it up just a hair to remove the top right oil filter bolt. This is no way a problem for me though because it's really easy to do.

:thumbsup: Do you think I should just put a slip-on then the 06 did come with the yz header I believe?

I put a DRD slip-on on my YFZ450 with nice gains. It has a bigger header though than the 07 WR. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the 06 and earlier headers on the WR bigger than the 07 and up? I think they put the smaller header on the newer ones for more low end power. So yeah I think you would be fine with just your stock header on the 06 there. You might see a little difference with the powerbomb header, but not that much. They do say that the Powerbomb cuts down on the noise level by like a db or 2, but I never noticed that either, lol. The advantage to the DRD full system is that the sharp bend in the pipe allows the muffler to come in closer to the bike and not stick out as far, looks really nice.

I wouldn't bother with the powerbomb header. I have one that I bought for my wr450 and the only thing I notice is how quickly it gets dented.

I would save my money on this.

was that the ti or ss?

Ordered the Dr.D slip-on, $309 plus $40 to ship to Ontario, 163,168,170 main jets. Still up in the air about the ss power bomb?Will See? Maybe a yz ex. cam would be money better spent than the P.B.?

I think the cam would be better than the powerbomb for sure.

:thumbsup: Well, I did plan to buy a dr.d from a shop in michigan, $306,+ $40 shipping. Last night I was e-bay and won a slip-on for $133.50 US, $26 to ship to Ontario, WOW.Found a hot cam 4041-1e for $150 Can. Cancelled the order from Mich.:lol:

Got the pipe yesterday, so I unrapped it, :lol: it's the model # 2003 for the yz, :p needed the #2004 comes with the sparky, ---- w2do, :p:lol: :lol: :lol: put the itch on, scratch--scratch--, 10 min. tops-- and it was on --- needed to put a spacer(washer),!, between the mid pipe bolt to give the pipe some room to clear the sub frame and loosened the header slightly, no biggie. The fit was perfect!!

Pulled the choke- gave it a squirt--hit the button--:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :lol::banana:

It is loud, thought to myself?? not gonna start this up at 6am to go to work!!

Just came back from a ride---- :worthy: it has become a whole new animal :lol: didn't go too far, farmers field drive through??-- perfect for a drag kinda thing? for a bout 1/3 of a mile, 4th gear - pull on the gas --- she is up --- be careful I thought-- just finished rainin thunder about an hour ago -- about a half hours worth!!! --- flippin purfect traction fun stuff -- but im only in swim short-with gear?? so I lapped it about 4 times up and down. To see how the ais jetting is workin?


Runs pretty good, slight bog once in a while???? will need to play a bit -- I'll try the O-ring mod first, set the links and a-p squirt -- if I have too ?? need to get to some tecnical riding area to really see whats up!!

AS far as the sound --- it's a sexy itch --- awsome sound --- but it is loud --- ??? will find a s.s power bomb header to tone it down a little, it's just to loud, and when I order some packin, an insert is in order for riding around town!

Did I mention the Smile Factor -- wow, the differance is huge compared to the pee shooter with the ais kit!! I would say it gained 5hp easy, or so it seemed.

I wouldn't bother with the powerbomb header. I have one that I bought for my wr450 and the only thing I notice is how quickly it gets dented.

you should stop falling off then :worthy::lol: :lol: :lol:

you should stop falling off then :worthy::lol: :lol: :lol:

You must of seen some pic's -- Ya that sucked last fall -- touch wood that that doesn't happen again!

last Sunday my b-law took a huge spill, luckily he was ok --- he has an 05 crf450 and he was walkin on water -- you know 5 gear pinned, well he was rippin on top of the water and was goin throught some tall grass too and we think that the grass jammed his rear brake on. It's a water conversion run off where a couple of rivers meet, and its about 4 miles long-- so there's a centre ditch a foot or 2 deep and in some places more --- bull rushes etc. and it plattoe's to about 75 feet on both sides - then has banks up about 20 feet with more fields and places to ride etc. A farmer will come in a couple times of year and remove the grass!

So anyways I'm takin a break, watchin Rich hit this water at about 70mph and the water is about foot deep, 125 feet long, after a huge rain storm the day before---

and all of a sudden the front wheel digs in --- OMG --- I thought he was hurt for sure -- it was like there was a steel cable or something --- the bike endoed frontwards about 4 times and landed 40 feet away from him and he pretty well stopped dead in his tracks --- splat --- a tuck and 1 role - the bike missed him -- thank god!!

I rescently got a 2009 yz450f and it has a fmf power bomb and the stock header will any slip on fit on to the header?

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