magic button on the horizon

I have heard spaeculation that their will be a kit available to install an electric starter on WR's without one. SUP?

Would be nice but it seems like it would be too costly to make something like that. Where have you heard the rumors?

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Kris, I would love to see that happen!

However, my cynical nature tells me that Yamaha would go out of their way to ensure that a retrofit COULD NOT be easily/economically done.

They want to sell you a whole new bike along with that button. :D

I AM enough of a wishful dreamer to have posed this same question a couple weeks ago...

"A pessimist is never disappointed." Ben Franklin :)

It's cheaper and lighter to use your leg :D .............

Dodger :):D

I thought I had heard it here, however before posting the message I did a search, which uncovered nada. Not relying on my own ability to search effectively, I asked. Honestly though, I have read some info somewhere, can't recall. You are all very welcome for the wealth of information I have provided. I need to go now and re-register so I can chat in the future....

I saw somewere that there was a company overseas making a kit for like $1200 or some outrageous sum of money. It was a billet aluminum side case that replaced the stocker.

There are two third-party kits available... one french, the other Italian I think... Yamaha are never going to bring out a retro-fit kit, they want to sell new bikes, not keep old ones running...

You will find info on the board using the search feature, make sure you look in all the Yamaha forums, not just this one...


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