Perfect Riding...Colorado

Went up riding near Tarryall Reservoir/Lost Creek Wilderness yesterday (west out 285 through South Park), and it was some of the best riding I've ever done. Almost completely empty, huge area, some single track but mostly fire roads, with aspens just starting to change colors. If any of you guys haven't been out to Lost Creek, it's about 1-1/2 hours from Denver and is pretty easy and fast. Would be a great place to take wives, little ones, or anyone wanting an easier area to ride with awesome views, and perfect temps. It's also a very fast area to ride if you so choose. No crowds at all... If anyone is looking for a place to check out fall colors, give this one a shot...

Hey YZeezee, yeah that is a very nice area. Was down there in May looking to do some fishing, only to find Terryall completely dry :D . Nice to know that there is at least some single track down there, I haven't bothered to take my bike down just to ride the fire roads.


Dodger :):D

Dodger, it was a good time for sure-I heard the Res was pretty low, when I say single-track, that's a pretty loose term. It wasn't technical by any means, just a nice place to go if you wanted something easy or fast-and good scenery for sure...

If you want a fantastic ride, turn on CR60, 13 miles past Bailey at the very small town of Webster. From here, you can drive 3-4 miles up the road to the trailhead or ride if you have a plate.

Get on the trail, go up Red Cone Pass (13,000 ft), Down towards Webster Pass, Over to Radical Hill and just ride. You can to all the way to Keystone or Breckenridge on these trails. We usually head to Jefferson and come back. Awesome ride. Not quite for beginners but super fun, fast and rocky.


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