Racks to suit the WR450

Hi all, what racks are available to suit the WR450 '08? I need to occassionally carry a small tent and bag etc for the odd overnight ride.

Is there much out therem or will I have to start bending steel to make my own?? :thumbsup:

Yikes!! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info, don't know how much to bring one of those racks into Aus but as there ain't a lot of alternatives out there, I might end up doing just that. :lol:

They do look to be a pretty high quality rack.... :lol:

I just put on my wr, they are well built and very tough, you will be happy with it.

I have the same rack on my 07. It's a solid well built rack that looks a little like art work. I have a picture in my garage with it on the bike.

Another vote for the PMB rack... I have one on both my 08 and 03 WR450s and am quite happy with it. A bit pricey, yes, but definitely well engineered and high quality.

Yup thanks again for all the suggestions, I have emailed the chap on Aussie ebay with the WR racks to see if he makes one to suit the latest ('07 onwards) WR 450F. :thumbsup:

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