650R Carb on a 650L

I donated my stock carb to a pal, (Scuba Steve), to try on his 650L. The "R" carb fit like it belongs there from the start. Both the intake and the air box slid right on. He says it powers up the front wheel like it never has before. These carbs are seen on Ebay for as little as $60.00.

Cool man! I hope that idea helps some of the other guys who unfortunately own an "L" version.. haha.



Thanks for the tip...always looking for another edge.


Your welcome - I like the 650L and see it as a great platform to build on. I have seen awesome Supermoto versions, (Chrome Boy Dave from Miami), ripping up the Dragon in Deals Gap, and practically stock versions with skilled riders ,(Big Teddy), dominate the woods here in N Mi. It just goes to show what a great series of machines those big air cooled Hondas are.


How do you like the flat slide Minuki? I've received positive feedback from others regarding the Edelbrock pumper... What are the improvements? I've read that the Edelbrock won't flood during a crash, thus making restarting a one kick effort. Trying to start the red pig after it has been on its side is really becomming an issue with me... (I'm working on learning how to ride so I can stop crashing... :))



I like it a lot - the bike is much easier to start after a fall and is more tolerant of altitude changes than with the stock carb. Trust me - I would have loved to make that stock carb work, and tried everything, but in the end it was hopeless. I looked at the design of the Edelbrock and was not impressed. I wanted more than one big needle and a accelerator pump in my carb. Plus the TM40 pumper kit was under $300.00 and uses my stock throttle. Throttle pull if anything is easier.

i just compleated the crossover for my cousin. i used my stock r carb on his l and i did fit nice. i had to also donate my stock throttel. this was fine due to the eldebrock set up came with one.

my question is did you have to make any jetting changes. he is not running the spark arrester on his stock pipe. what jetting did you go with??? i believe there is a 68s pilot and a 175 main. it runs grate untill the end of the top end where it is poping like it is too lean... please help

thanks in advance. later

The carb I donated had a 68 pilot and a 168 main. The bike it went on is stock with a unplugged airbox and a Baja tip in the stock exhaust. It starts and runs great.

so the xrr carb goes right in but I would need cables and a throttle???

The guy I gave my carb to used the XRL throttle. He tells me he needed to reroute the cables though -

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