MX Suspension set-up 06 YZ250

So I'm trying to get my suspension dialed in as best as possible without a revalve and I'm having trouble finding the perfect setting....My problem is the bike wanting to run wide at the exit of corners and trys to fight me at turn in...I'm running 95mm of race sag with the forks up in the clamps about 5mm...I was wondering what you guys would recommend for front sag and the best rear sag for good turn in...I heard you dont wanna exceed 15mm of static sag in thv rear but what about the front??? Any recommendations?

My opion would be to send it out for a revalve and let them set it up.

I would give 100mm sag a try for sure. 5mm on the triple clamps is not a bad spot to be in either. 95mm of sag on this bike (imo) does not do to well for tight turning. Also what are your clicker at front and rear? Another option is maybe 22mm offset triple clamps but that's $$.

Dirt Riders best stock settings for MX are as follows:FORKS, 11 compression, 8 rebound, SHOCK 100mm sag, HS compression .75, compression 11, rebound 10-8. All these settings are best with freshly tuned up suspension of coarse, also they left the forks at stock height. Ive tried both and i personally like the forks best at stock height as well

I presume you're properly sprung for your weight. If so, try 100mm, take another look at your rebound settings (your rear may be packing up and your front may be too fast??); sometimes a front tire change helps on the YZ 250 two smoke.

I second the front tire change. I just got a new set of tires for my yz (MX51's: 80/100-21 and 110/90/19) which replaced the stock 739 front and 756 back. Wow what a difference, it feels like a whole new bike now. The biggest thing that i noticed is the increased braking power.

first start with your spring rates make sure you have the right springs in there, thats important, once I put the right springs in for my weight it made a huge difference and I could get it right

MDKCFR250R, You might be interested to read the suspension thread that UpAllNight contributed to here on TT. It's full of very interesting info and was very well received overall. Here is a link. You have to read all of it to get to the good part. Be patient:smirk:

I'm in the bay area too, btw. Good luck.

Without the proper springs, you won't be able to get close. Do that first, then set your sag to 100. That's where you want to start. Then play with the fork rebound and mmove. the forks up in the tube if you have to.

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