LarryCO jetting EKP

Couldn't see the jpeg. Received a Forbidden error message from the server.


I'll work on it.

CNACC and others,

I've been using the same jetting as LarryCO all year and like it quite well. However, here is the problem I had with it. I have two pipes, both that are somewhat restrictive, the stock Euro pipe and the US/Vortip. For me, this jetting works the best ONLY when I run one of these two pipe configurations.

When I run the US pipe with no plug, the bike runs terrible. Bog on the throttle in all types of positions, rough running at constant throttle positions and hesitation. Once I went for a gulp of throttle on the face of a jump and only got a burp.

My results say that this jetting works best with a somewhat restricted exhaust. The originator of this jetting, Taffy, had the same exhaust as me, and it worked great for him.

The Euro pipe and the US pipe with a Vortip have about the same flow. I know Larry seems to like the way his runs with the uncorked exhaust, so I look forward to the day we ride together to really compare our rides!

Definitely going to be a while for that first ride Stefe! 4'+ at the casa in Genesee and counting! I'm in LA right now working, but I'll be back there Thurs. night with a HUGE pile of snow waiting for me! LOL


Wicked, that did not work either. I received a "Page can not be displayed" error. Do you have the permission's setup correctly?



You think you'll get in on Thurs! Don't know about that one. Hope so. At least you keep checking TT while on the road! I've got piles of snow up to my chin and drifts about 5 feet tall. Have been having a blast 4-wheeling around this morning, helping out neighbors and the like.


Posted this question on another thread...

Just looking to ask any Denver folks that might have an idea whether DIA will be/is open today. Have plans to fly home late this evening on Frontier...cant get a hold of anyone at Frontier, which means they probably still cant get to work...

Any insight would be helpful, as I'd really prefer to not sit at LAX tonight waiting for a flight that's not going anywhere...




Checkout it is where I usually look to see what's happening out there.



I figure you were able to get in today, as my buddy flew in from Seattle this evening. Being that I work construction and remove snow as a side gig in the winter, I found your earlier post on the 17th (day before the storm ironic: "And may the snow melt soon." I worked roughly 48 out of the 60 hours of the storm, which includes post storm clean up. Nine of those hours came from finally sleeping from 7PM to 4AM last night.

The good news is the f@$#ing thing is over and we're going to Moab in a week. The bad news is I have a "new" 00 WR that is completely stock and isn't jetted right. I was able to ride it once down my street before "The Storm". I now plan on doing the BK, grey wire and jetting, per your sig. As you can see, I have plenty of reason to drink some beverages. Are you going with us?

Well, I DID make it in last night...plane landed at bags and got to my subdivision at around 230AM. Drove around for 1hr trying to find a place to park, as the main street and my culdesac were buried in 5' of powpow. Found a place about 1/2 mile up the road, parked in a snowbank, grabbed my laptop and duffle bag, and postholed it home through that 5'. Finally reached the doorstep at 4AM.

WOW! Awesome! You have to see it to believe it. Guess it was about 6' yesterday, but the sun and warmer temps compressed it a bit. Still cant get out of the driveway with the other car, as our culdesac is still buried.

Anyway, looks like I wont be making it out. I was waiting until a few days ago to make the decision, but the folks at work werent as supportive of me taking off for a long weekend as I wanted them to be. I'd be flying in Fri afternoon next week and having to fly back to LAX on Sun afternoon. Perhaps we'll try another time, as there's plenty of weekends between now and the next 6' storm (I hope!). I do have plans to go Memorial Day weekend with a few other thumpers, so maybe that might work for ya.

And just for the record, I think it was a combination of my "snow melts" comment and the fact that my wife washed my truck for me on Sunday (I told her not to, as it was going to get messed up at the airport anyway, but she insisted...she's like'll understand once you meet her).

Have a great time in Moab...drop me a line and let me know how the trip was. FYI...if you're running an uncorked, stock exhaust...plop in a 38PJ/65PAJ/EKP#3/155MJ/160MAJ and you'll run fine. Do the BK mod though before you go...


Glad to hear you made it. If you need another snow shovel, forget it, all the stores I've checked are sold out. A trash can works great though. :)

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