1999 rm250 service manual, is this correct

1st post greetings people!

i am wondering about a factory service manual for my bike.

i see this one


and this one


is that the correct manual for servicing my bike or should i get a clymer?

I just bought it two weeks ago. LOVE IT!!! havent had a bike in about ten years.

I need a new rear wheel or i will have to re spoke it soon, got the forks to the local guru today hoping to have them back soon. Riding in north Idaho (30 minutes to mountain riding!!)



I've got the Clymer repair manual for the 1996-2002 RM250, paid like 25 bucks from Bob's Cycle Supply. Covers pretty much everything for the bike. I find it useful, however, I don't know how much different it is from the other manual you are talking about.

I always use Clymer. They seem to be pretty detailed. So far I haven't had to do a job that wasn't covered in it.

I have a factory service manual for my 00 rm125 and it's pretty good. I'd say it's just as good as my other service manuals from clymer/haynes. Buy the one that you can get the cheapest.

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