Where to find Yamaha blue paint

Want to touch up a few places on an 03' 450 frame. Anyone know where to find that "special" Yamaha blue paint?

I will be covering with clear Stomp grip pads when done so don't worry about the whole "...it will just rub off again" thing. Who duplicates that color best? Can you buy it from Yamaha?

PJ1 I believe. I actually have some in a can from PPG/custom made to match, that my brothers Honda CRX was painted and we now know his car was yamaha blue, cuz its a perfect match.

What are you putting over the paint? Id like to put some clear stickers, I dont like the look of the frame guards, or rhinoliner.

PJ1 makes a perfect match.

no one sells the PJ1 that I can find. Anyone have a source?

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