Serious question here guys, Am i going to feel a noticable diffrence with a fmf megabomb header on my 08 yzf450? The bike is stock except it has JD jet kit and fmf 4.1 slip on, is the diffrence worth the money?:thumbsup:

In my opinion it is not worth the money (yes I have tried it). The powerbomb offers almost the same performance for much less money, and it is available in stainless, which is much more durable. You can get a stainless powerbomb for almost half the price of the megabomb.

Keep in mind that the "bomb" style headers smooth out the power and make it a little more broad. You will lose the hard hit feel..... which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your riding style.

I have an '06 and added the MegaBomb and it helped my low end grunt (w/ stock muffler) and quieted it down. A friend of mine has an '08 w/ your set up and the power seemed nice and smooth with enough low grunt. I would leave alone. If you do decide to add, be sure to read the pipe threads and take in all the tips and advice from all. DRD seems to be very popular choice for the YZ; I almost got that set up until I found the steal of a deal for the bomb on EBay.:thumbsup:

Thanks for the replies, i will keep what i got.

drd full system. enough said.

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