canadian street legal WR

i'm in toronto ontario and just went to my yamaha dealer and asked about the WR being street legal and he said it wasn't possible because of a metal gas tank. i heard of people here getting it street legal tho? need advise, thanks

It may be true in Ontario, I don't know. I am curious about licensing requirements in Canada, though. As a practical matter, it is ludicrous and archaic to require a metal tank. You would be hard put to look beneath any passenger vehicle built in the past 15 or 20 years and not find a plastic tank hanging mere inches above every conceivable road hazard. And they hold 10 or 20 times more gas.

If that is your only hold-up, just find a metal tank to hang on the bike to pass inspection. Who cares how it looks? It will only be there for a few minutes.

Section 401 of the U.S. code addresses this issue; BUT it does not apply to individually modified, built, or reconstructed vehicles. Each state has sole discretion about such requirements. I understand BMW bikes have used plastic tanks for years. Explain that one?

Good luck in your efforts.

Don't listen to your dealer. If you buy it just get the receit and regester the bike yourself. I bought my bike in Quebec used. It had all the street goodies already on it.

My buddy wrote the safty and I went down and registered it.

P.S. If the WR is new you can get the street plate without even puting all the street stuff on.

I confirm what you say. I bought my bike brand new last fall and all I had to do was tell the clerk behind the counter that I wanted to have my bike licensed for the street. It had a front and a back light. :)

BUT you have to be aware that if you get stopped by the police, you better have the bike street legal, (turn signals/brake light/etc...or at least appear to be. Because those guys will surely sent the bike to be inspected (that means $$$ out of your pocket) and if the bike has no street equipement, big $$$ again. Even if the bike is licensed for the street.


so basically what you're telling me is get an underground safety for it and go ahead and register it with my reciept.

other than that find a metal tank that fits or not and get it cert like that.

I don't think a metal tank is nessasary. Just make sure you have a brake light, signals ,horn and a high low beam.

and mabe street legal tires.Go with a Kenda on the rear.

steel tank ? my local yamaha dealer says no problem to register a new wr450 as street legal when purchasing new . just be sure to have street legal lighting and insurance before operating on city streets . no inspection is necessary here in new brunswick , but i see no reason for your bike not to be issued a street rigistration in ontario as long as it passes inspection , check with your dmv to see what is required , your dealer does'nt know jack **** . :)

Find a different dealer........

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