A couple of nice things about my new 09 YZ450

I was looking through the YZ common issues thread and it seems that Yamaha has taken care of a couple of things.

There is actually moly grease (and plenty of it) in the swingarm and linkage bearings,not string cheese. I cleaned and repacked with Torco Titanuim which I have used for a long time. There was no grease at all on any of the pivot bolts however, manual calls for moly on them so I greased em.

There is a foam piece molded to the chain guard protecting the swingarm from the wear noted in the common questions section.

I used the advice on making a tool for checking wheel alignment and boy are the blocks off! The tool works great. :thumbsup:


Added Pro Moto Billet spark arrestor and changed out to a PC - Flo stainless oil filter with Lucas semi-synthetic 10-40.

I'm happy with the power and live at about 1300 ft elevation with no changes to stock jetting. I took it to Reno with a friend and we rode to the top of Peavine mountain (8200 ft, still stock jetting) with no noticeable loss of power. :lol:

Overall I'm diggin the new ride and I'm impressed that Yamaha actually made some great improvements that aren't readily noticed.

Stay Safe! Scot

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