Flatland Racing - OUTSTANDING

No spam here as I have no vested interist. But, as we often report the rip offs I have to pass on the guys that really treat us right. I ordered some parts (including their new skid plate that is real nice and REAL HEAVY DUTY) and then changed my mind as I want to upgrade to the 2003 model. I don't think the parts will cross to what I'm doing so Mike agreed to a refund with no hassle even though I had the parts uninstalled for a couple months. Way to go - real customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Shown is a awesome guy. He rides our local enduro circuit (or used to) and I have talked with him a couple times. For a couple years he even put on a Enduro for the BJEC.

Heck of a guy, if I was gonna do mail order this would probably be the only guy I would deal with.

Thanks AZWR426 for giving credit where credit is due. I know Mike would appreciate it.

YO MO, Thanks for the backup - always great to hear a real good story isn't just that, but a consistant way of doing business. Mark

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