Unable to push '02 YZ426 when in gear and clutch in

I could have sworn I've been able to push my bike in the past with it in 1st and the clutch pulled in. Just tried the other day and was unable to do so. Haven't had a chance to start it yet and drop it in gear to see what happens - but is this typical?


try adjusting your clutch

Sounds like a grooved clutch basket. Happened to me just the other day. You could try adjusting your clutch cable, but if it still does this then its most likely your basket.

Is this a fix before ride situation?

how deep are your pockets?

The clutch is just dragging a little. Even my Rekluse does it. I wouldn't worry.

My WR was like that from day one. Just pop it in neutral.

You could try to file the grooves out of the basket. The general consensus on that is that the problem will come back in no time at all and you will end up with a new clutch basket anyway. But if you need to get on the trail real quick and this is holding you back its a viable option. If its just lightly dragging though I really wouldnt worry about it. My bike however is harsh on the shifting and actually will walk away with the clutch pulled in on flat ground so I have a new basket on the way.

If the bike has been sitting a while it may do this. Start the bike and while it is warming up hold the clutch in for a minute. This will let the oil flow between the plates. This usually solves it for me.

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