Oil filters

Am I better off staying with the stock paper oil filter or switching to a stainless oil filter ?


Are you sure the 450 has a paper filter? My 02 WR426 is a brass unit. Looks like the paper filter but its not. I think Yamaha went to this in 01. Would be surprised if they went back to paper. Look it over real close before you toss it, might be brass.

Yes it is paper. Yamaha went back to paper because it has better filtering properties and they wanted better filtering because there is now less oil in the engine.

I've always wondered about the allure of the stainless filters. If you want to run a reusable filter buy the stock '02 part or the Emgo aftermarket replacement. The latter should be well under ten bucks and looks identical for all intents and purposes to the stocker, whereas the stainless replacements lack one of the rubber gaskets.

I don't know that the '02 filter will work in the '03 but I've heard it is a direct replacement.

Hope this helps.

Emgos are reusable? Didn't know that. It is surprising for a 10$ oil filter.

I talked to other TT members in private recently to collect their personal experience with the scotts stainless oil filter and they seemed totally satisfied with it...I guess they would not be if one gasket was missing...

hmmm :)

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