Stonyford this weekend 3-31-01

Hay No CAL riders Howard and Monty are going to stonyford this weekend 3-31-01 I will go up thursday night and get a place to camp anyone wanting to come let us know.I GOT SOME NEW TRAILS they go from bear creek back to stonyford about 65 mile loop of fun trails.Mike in RoseVille,John,Marty,Bill,you guys need to get out and ride your going to lock up. :)


Monty, where is Stonyford located? I am in Sacramento. Thanks, Paul

A Saturday ride is possible for me. What time do you guys start riding? How would I recognize you, other than all the blue?



I am punked. Any weekend but this weekend. My knee is solid, been out to Mammoth the last two weekends, but I am out this weekend. 6 years tee ball game on Saturday and the Kings game with my wife on Sunday. We have got to get out there again soon. The new loop sounds great. John, Dan and I rode Mammoth two weeks ago, had a great time, The track at Mammoth on Sunday was a mud pit from the Saturday rains. You should have seen my boy on his XR 100. Mud was about half way up on his tires. What a wild ride. You guys from Sac that have not been to Stoneyford are missing the rides of your lives. A wonderful place to ride. Stoneyford is in the Mendocino National Forest about 2 hours NW of Sac. Not tough to get to and worth every mile. We should all hook up, pool it and get there. Monty and Howard and all are great guides, great riders and a great time.

Monty, lets plan again soon PLEASE, anywhere.



2001 KTM 400 exc. No upgrades, comes out of the box ready to ride.

Ok. Hopefully I don't have to work this weekend. Mike, will email you about hooking up. Thanks, Paul

Mike sorry you can't make it, by the way i will be there on friday(GOING UP THURSDAY NIGHT) IF YOU HAVE FRIDAY OFF COME ON UP.Pmaust and Darbsitton to get to stonyford from sacto. take I-5 north to maxwell exit then west to the town of stonyford about 30 miles, at the stonyford stop sign trun left go 1/4 mile to ranger station and trun left to fourtsprings go about 15 miles to davis flats trun right after creek crossing to the camp ground (davis flats) WE WILL BE AT THE END ON YOUR RIGHT IN A CROUT SETTING white f350 ford truck(99) and a 5th wheel (patio hauler) we wil start are ride about 10;30 sat, so come on up best riding in the world of CA,,

monty cell phone--707-479-2742

Pmaust and darbsitton you guys going to ride the Shasta Dam HS April 22 ? Try to make it up to Stonyford this weekend if you can. Excellent trails lots of mileage. Hows the guy on the wr250?


Howard, W and I are planning on the Shasta Dam HS in April. For us it all depends on our work schedule. W got his WR250 broken in finally. Saturday is out for me for this weekend but I am trying for Sunday. Will know more by Thursday and let you know. Has anyone heard from Aftershock?

Hay guys,I'm going to have miss stonyford this weekend. I'm having lasic surgery done on friday (NH kevin got me fired up) and will be out of commission for two weeks. I will be making the Shasta Dam race. I have never been to Shasta but was told this was one race I shouldn't miss. Hope to see you guys there.

pmaust, I'm glad to hear your bud finily broke his 250 in :)


Thanks for the info. I plan to be there.

In the unlikely event that I am not there by 10:00, don't bother waiting around.

oK DARBSITION we will look for you we don't plan to start the ride until 10;30 or so.


Monty - check your email, trailer ?

You guys are killing me.... I really want to go this weekend but my bike is torn apart & I won't be able to put it back together until Saturday for a Sunday ride. Arrrgghhh :)


Brian you got mail


Monty I just wanted to thank you for the grueling ride! We all stayed together for once and rode ourselves into the ground. That new trail on the upper lake side really kicks. When i got back to camp i realised my rear tire had gone down i guess i was having to much fun to notice. The wife,kid and i did forty miles sunday we rode m5 all the way up goat mountain and up into the snow. Great fun seen Matt up there on his dirt bike for a change he was talking about cutting in some new trails to bypass the snow. pretty cool. see ya on the next one.

Got the 426 suspension back and going to try it out tomorrow after work, feels good in the driveway :)

shocked, huge

Wright on Huge

Man what a trail 80 miles of ass kicking fun, hay is slow jim ok? we will have to get the other guys up there, lets go on the 21st.Rosaville mike wants to go,he will see the post and let us know.Mike (silicon) is bring hes bike up on sat, for yamaha joe to look at mybe he will have it going for the next ride.


How about Baja i know its short notice but if anyone can make it would be you.

goin south,huge

Slow Jim is recovering nicely he went down south to visit his mom and dad for a little R&R.

Huge when you going?


See the post about mikes sky ranch.


YA Huge i seen that after the fact.


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