YZ & WR tank compatability?

What year STOCK YZ4 (or YZ250F?) fuel tanks will fit my '99 WR400 w/YZ seat? Will an '02 tank fit my '99?



I DO know the rad shrouds are different. The mounting tabs are in differnt spots and use different angles. I just noticed this on the 2001's. Obviously this isn't the seat...but hey, at least you know!

updated JUST FOR YOU BRI'!!

>> According to SDG's application: http://www.sdgusa.com/indexmoto.htm

the seats use the SAME mounting points...

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i have 2002 yz250f tank and seat on my 98 wr400.its also has 2001 yz426 radiators and plastic kit.rear brake lever and front oversized disc and caliper are off a 2001 yz250f.

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