pw50 fork rebuild

Hey everybody, im the proud owner of a pw 50 (actually my 2 1/2 year old daughter is) haha. but the fork seems pretty shotty, not that it matters with her on it but still i would like to rebuild it and get it up to par. is there a kit i can buy for it. i have looked online but couldnt find anything. i can try calling my local dealer and checking it out. but most likely going to pay more that way. anyways glad to have her on a bike for sure. if anyone can help with a kit it would be much appreciated. the upper boots or seals whatever are cracking due to older age and wear also so i would like the whole kit.

oh yeah she absolutly loves the bike, now wee neeeeeed training wheels, dad can only run for so long holding on to the bike. before he almost dies of exhaustion.

I've rebuilt these before, but it's been 10 years since I did it. IIRC, there's just a compression spring, a rebound spring and a rubber bumper. No oil. I remember mine were so corroded inside that I had to pull the spring out with vice grips. The problem with these forks is they really aren't sealed and let in a lot of moisture.

My advice would be to first take them completely apart and clean them up. What feels like wear might just be corrosion inside the lower tube. You may be able to clean that out enough to make a big improvement without actually buying new springs.

hey thanks i think i will do that tonight. sounds like that may be an issue because the stanctions have some discoloration on them but i do want the rubber boots i will have to call a local dealership to get them . thanks alot

you'd probably be better off getting a set of forks off eBay, but they can be rebuilt, follow the instructions in the link above.

Can she ride a bicycle without training wheels? I know that's a little early, but mine was on a bicycle w/o training wheels at three years old. Encourage her to ride her regular bicycle w/o training wheels and the reward would be the dirt bike. I dislike the training wheels on dirt bikes.

I've spent many pairs of sneaker soles running behind dirt bikes.

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