Bajadesigns...this is the last TIME!

I am never ever ordering ANYTHING through Bajadesigns, ever again.

I don't care if they have something noone else has, I'll never give them my money for as long as i ride.

Why you ask?

Well, let me tell you...

First of all, i am not a new customer at in fact I have spent thousands in the past year buying stuff from them, and i have gotten &%$#@! around by them since day one.

Being the nice guy that i am, i gave them another chance, and another, but this is it...i've learned my lesson and I'm pissed to say the least.

Like i said, i've ordered numerous stuff from them and not one fricken time have they shipped my stuff on time, NOT ONCE! There was always a problem with this and with that...but I was never informed through e-mail or by phone of any always came as a surprise as I would write them after two or three weeks of ordering and sure enough, my stuff had not been shipped because of whatever stupid reason...and there never was a good enough reason. At least i thought they would have the decency to call or e-mail and say "hey, we're sorry but..." NEVER!

Well, like the fool that i am, i figured i'd give them my business again since i needed a street lighting kit for my CRF and had two choices Bajadesigns, or Electrexusa.

What made me go to bajadesigns, i'll never know, but it's the last time.

I placed my order on various other items like a kickstand, Acerbis guards(the expensive ones)big bar mounts for them, one of their rear sprockets, "the Ironman" and a few other things, ALONG with the bajadesigns kit which sells for $500 alone.

I had ordered everything but the lighting kit... about a week and a half went by and my stuff never came. I e-mail them and Chris(the guy/or girl who's been replying my e-mails)says "well we never shipped your stuff, because you were asking questions about the bajadesigns lighting kit and i figured we'd wait until you made up your save you some money in shipping"

I then told him that i was in desperate need for the stuff i ordered and wished they had sent it, since a week and a half already went by and noone had e-mailed, at least wished someone would have thought about e-mailing me asking "hey do you want us to ship the stuff or do you want us to wait until you make up your mind about the lighting kit?"...but NO.

Noone e-mailed, once again, i was UNpleasantly surprised to find that my stuff had not been shipped. I didn't make a big stink, but i should have because this wasn't the first or second time this was happening to me...and i said, ok..."send me the whole lighting kit for the crf.

Everything but the stator...i'll get that from electrex, since they have a 75W which would work fine for my application"...bajadesign's only puts out 40(i didn't want their 125W which comes with a flywheel)...

OK Chris said...I'll get your order RIGHT OUT!

I made it clear that i was in NEED of this stuff and somewhat upset that it was now two weeks since i had ordered it and had NOTHING yet.

Well, wouldn't you know it?

It's a week and a half since, and once again i wrote Chris at telling him WHERE IS MY SHEET? and i'm sure you can guess by now...

he said "your stuff hasn't been shipped yet, we're still building should go out in two to three days from now".

Well, i'm beyond pissed right now, and i will cancel my order, and NEVER EVER buy one god damn thing from that company ever again!

I don't recommend, and i'll never recommend that place to anyone as long as i ride a bike.

Obviously not only are they incompetent, but they're ignorant to people's needs, nor do they give a flying &%$#@!.

Electrex will get my business as far as the lighting is concerned. There are many other companies out there that know how to treat a good client, i'm sure of it.

Tell us how you really feel!!!??? Just kidding, thanks for the heads up. I wont do business with them for sure.

They must like us here in CA. I just ordered the street legal kit for my Canadian WR and it was here in 2 days. I also went with the "Cheap" analog speedo (canadian came with KM odo) and it was here in 2days.

Sorry you got *&^%$#. That sucks when u need/havetohave and don't get anywhere....

It seems from time to time this happens to someone and they feel strongly enough to speak up and let his/her voice be heard.

You know, theres a lot of potential customers here on T-Talk and more than likely stores like that are going to hurt their business. Even if its for 1 - $50 order.

I had a similar situation w/ WestWood International out of Van Nyes, CA. I never expressed my severe disssatisfaction with them. I just decided from that point on to support my local dealers and forget the big guys that dont really give a crap.

You know, theres a lot of potential customers here on T-Talk and more than likely stores like that are going to hurt their business. Even if its for 1 - $50 order.
yeah, but you know what? it wasn't a $50 order.

i spent thousands of dollars in their shop, and i didn't ask for any favors either, just that they send me my stuff i ordered ON TIME.

and it also wasn't the first time this happened.

my fault for being one chance is all i'll give someone.

i hope and pray their business gets hurt, because if they screw everyone around like they did me, they'll close shop real soon.

I have better luck getting my stuff on time if I order by phone not online.I ordered from Stroker online and my order was never shipped but when I phoned in my orders I always got them in 4 days or less.Same thing when I order from Chaparral. Never ordered from Baja so a phone order may not work any better with them.


If you are dissatisfied, you are doing the right thing by taking your business elsewhere. That's exactly how we do it in a free-market economy. We use our discretion and we walk out the door and patronize another business.

I personally have no beef with Baja Designs, but Electrex is a TT advisor and sponsor. They might be a good choice.


Let me get this straight? You're pissed because BD didn't have a lighting kit on the shelf to ship to you that day?

I can understand your frustration regarding the other items but on the lighting kit it sounds like you're over reacting.


I once ordered from BD (about $1200US) and as this was international order I told the guy (by e-mail) that I want them to calculate the shipping price BEFORE sending anything. Time passed by and after 2-3 weeks I wrote them again asking what is going on. They told me that I do not have enough money in my credit card and they cannot ship the order. I said, wait! I was asking only for shipping price on this order not sending it on just any shipping price. He answered $300 UDS. I explained that I do not want such expensive service, but they told me that they couldn’t bring the goods to the post office. I explained them about EMS international shipping service from USPS and that they have pick-up and it’s a lot cheaper. They said that they work only with their shipping company and do not want to work with another. Thank god I did not have enough money in my credit card!


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Let me get this straight? You're pissed because BD didn't have a lighting kit on the shelf to ship to you that day?

I can understand your frustration regarding the other items but on the lighting kit it sounds like you're over reacting.


Brian, go back and READ my story...please.

I'm not pissed because they didn't have a kit on the shelf.

I'm pissed cause they lied to me saying my stuff(not kit) was shipped, and one and a half weeks later it hadn't been shipped yet, and that after I e-mailed them concerned about the order,

i'm also pissed that they also DID NOT tell me it would take whatever time to build a kit for me, but they said "your order will be shipped out RIGHT AWAY!" and now, two weeks after the fact(a total of 4 weeks later)i still don't have my original order, nor the lighting kit, which I JUST found out they had to build it before shipping it off to me.

I'm pissed because they intentionally lied to me and told me it will be shipped RIGHT AWAY.

Right Away does not mean it has to be built, THEN we'll ship it out...i hope you can see the difference here.

This isn't the first OR second order I had trouble with, and i suppose i'll learn my lessons quicker in the future.

Wish I hadn't spent the thousands of dollars in their shop.

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Hey Robino, would you be a labusa guy?

As far as Baja designs go I believe they don't


I know some friends of theirs that get the same bogus service.

No personal experience though.

Easy on the language there Mr.Potty Mouth :)

We have kids parsing these post's as well......

Bonzai :D

Robino, I don't question your facts or your sincerity and I can certainly sense your frustration. I do also appreciate when others share their experiences for the benefit of others.

I also believe in keeping committments and highly value good customer service. I have had similar experiences with online retailers and I myself have cancelled big orders strictly on the basis of a lack of service. For me, it is a point of integrity. Note that I have never done business with Baha Designs.

The only thing that I would interject is to point out something you have already acknowledged. And that is, you knew what you were dealing with the second and third times before you chose to place those orders. I really think that this is a significant point. Essentially you tolerated what you believed to be bad service and rewarded it with future business. I can't help but think that your level of frustration would not be quite so high if you had heeded your better judgement sooner. Losing your business would have sent the desired message.

At this point it seems blown out of proportion as you are quite upset and apparently needing to find resolution to this nightmare. I can see why you are pissed off and I can relate to your dissatisfaction. Just keep in mind that you have a role in this as well. I wish you better luck in the future and I will certainly remember your ordeal if I ever have cause to do business with this company in the future.

Thanks. :)

Baja Designs cares deeply about every customer and every mistake we make. We are very aware that there is no business without you, our customers. If anyone has concerns/complaints, I am happy to personally handle them. My phone # is 760-560-2252 x 109 or my email is .

Please remember that we are a bunch of motorcycle riders like you. We are in this business because we love this sport and want to be involved in it. We give our customers free technical support and assist them with making educated choices regarding their dirt bike purchases. We take great pride in making products that enhance your riding experiences. Of course, we sometimes make mistakes, but we go out of our way to make it right for our customer and learn from mistakes so future customers don’t have the same problem. In Robino’s case, the order was placed on the Internet with questions in the comment area. It took exactly 12 emails back and forth to determine exactly what he wanted. Our intentions were good, but it still took too long. Customers get even more upset about being charged and sent something that is not what they want or does not meets their needs or expectations.

Robino, at this point I have to say that you have not made a very good case regarding this matter on these boards today. I just noticed the number of threads you have going on this and also that some of your commentary lacks professionalism and objectivity.

You appear to me now to be more interested in some personal vendetta and in my estimation lack the good judgement necessary to make evaluations with respect to such things as courtesy and business ethics. :)

Good day, sir.

First of all, there was no confusion on my part.

The parts were ordered and in ther comment box which is below the order I wrote "Please send this order asap. I have had trouble with shipping from Bajadesigns in the past, and want to make sure this order is shipped promptly".

I would say that's pretty much to the point.

Then I also asked if they had a wiring harness specific to the CRF, which it just so happens that they have it in black and white that they DO offer specific wiring harnesses for those who already have lighting.blinkers/etc. and only missing the wiring, as in my case. You don't have to beleive me, go to their web site and you'll see it advertized. No confusion there, it's in black and white, i simply asked if they had the specific harness for my application.

They then replied in the first e-mail which you see where they say that they do not offer the specific wiring harness(how ironic, because on their web site it says they do)but only a generic wiring harness which would make it hard for me to figure out...pushing that $499 sale on me...fine.

So where's the confusion?

I never said "hey, hold off on the order for $360 for all that other crap i ordered, until I figure out why you guys lied on your site and say you have a specific wiring harness for CRF's which retails for $299". They should have shipped my order, Period.

Saving me the $6 in shipping basically screwd me up and now I have had my bike in a million pieces for one month waiting for Bajadesigns to ship my damn parts. Thanks for trying to save me money

I am very very happy for those who have had exc. experiences with Bajadesigns, and trust me when I tell you, I wish mine was similar to yours.

The last thing I needed was to be played with, for four weeks, then given an appology as if I never gave them any business. My money was good while it lasted I guess...and this is what drove me to BADMOUTH Bajadesigns. Bad service right to the very end.

Alan acts as if I should have gone to him from day one, but his number is nowhere to be found on his site, nor is his e-mail.

I Would like to put an end to this and I hope all of you will continue to do business with Bajadesigns. Mine was an isolated case, caused by confusion on my part ...

I did just receive an appology from Alan Roach, owner of, and while it did sound snotty, it was still an appology.

No effort was made on his part to try and rectify the problem caused by Chris, the college student working the e-mail orders for Bajadesigns, but then again, I wasn't expecting much anyway.

Appology accepted.

Sorry to all who were offended by my cursing, and my Spam posting.

bla bla bla, people are human and make mistakes. i worked at a dealer ship for 2 years that took brand new xr650r's and we send them to BD to make them street legal to sell. they where great every time. so some kid who probly was rushing told you your stuff was shipped and it was not. big deal. sometimes those things happen and orders get messed up. the are of e maile and internet ordering is not perfect with all corperations. and if you bitched at them like you are bitching now you asked for it. between me and my dad we have ordered 5 different kits for 5 different kinds of bikes. never has there been a problem. it shows a lot that BD reads these post and tries to make products that the customer really wants.


I am really happy bd amswered this thread.

Going forward is cool.

And if they think TT matters :):D:D:D

it shows a lot that BD reads these post and tries to make products that the customer really wants.

I let BD know I was going to talk about my bad experience here on TT.

I'm also happy for you and your dad. Also, you are a very forgiving person. I am not.

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