Bajadesigns...this is the last TIME!

The repeted failure to ship your order is unexcusable in my book. The fact that they never contacted you to tell you it had not shipped is worse. I dont blame you for being POed or for the post. If thats what happened then I for one who am looking into a dual sport kit am glad you posted. I think it has done good and BD will defiantly be paying more attention to getting it right I would hope.

It dose sound like an isolated incident though from the post of many other guys saying they have had good or great service from BD.

I have herd of BD before and IMO they are a reputable company, I would have given them 2 and even 3 chances as you did as well on that basis, but Im with you,,, 3 times and your out unless you bend over backwards to make it up to me.

I hope that this one bad and what appears to be isolated deal dose not jade you, I will always give someone a mistake and even two. If I give you a 3rd chance and you drop the ball,,,,, C-ya W/ bad press!!!!!!

In my mind not shipping the stuff when they said they would is mistake #1 but if they tell you about it its -.5 mistakes for a total of half a mistake :) , not telling you about it,,,,, is mistake #2.

If I were you and as POed as it sounds like you are I would try and return ALL the stuff I got from them.

BD gets the brassball award for actualy responding to a bad post on the board though.

thank you WR Jason...someone understands finally.

like I said, it's a little late for me, but maybe they'll be ON THE BALL from now on. I'm sure they don't need any more bad press.

So you guys benefit in the say thanks.

Okay, I think this one has run it's course anyway, but in observance of TT's new policy (see announcement at top of forum) this thread will now be closed.

Back to our regularly scheduled program...


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