Muffler insert jetting?

For those of you running the GYT-R muffler insert (and GYT-R clones) would you please post your elevation and jetting? I am looking for a good starting point on jetting my 450 with this thing and I know several other people are as well. There are a few guys here that have really got their bikes dialed in with these inserts and I'd like to hear from you!

I am at 2700ft. 155 main, 48 pilot, #5 position on stock needle and 1 1/2 turns out on pas.

Dave my bike was running very lean with out the insert and 160,48,middle clip pos. I went to KY this week and it ran perfect with the insert and approx.1200 ft. Except for a tow out due to a broken stock chain, and an $80 RK replacement, The bike is awsome , We put on 60 miles in very tight terrain and steep MUDDY climbs. IT rained for 2 days was 45 degrees, all the camping gear was soaked and we got mild hypothermia. This was the best Trip I ever had . The park owner thought we were crazy! :D:):D :D :D :D

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