my jealousy

Well we got out for the first time on canfield mountian on the trek the honda ride goes. We of course ran into snow. About that time i saw this gal battling it though the snow on a steep uphill. She got up next to me and she was on a WR450. WOW. I said nice bike. She said firs time out. She was better then me. The stuff she just came up was very impressive. I also dated a gal a while back that was a motocrosser. She has gotten first place in bilings at the hill climbs in her class the last couple years. She also gets top three in the hare scrambles. So my jealousy travels far beyond her bike but also her ability. Talk to you all later.

Was she married? :):D

lol i am assuming so. But she would be a good catch if she weren't

I bet that not only would she be a good catch, but a hard catch based upon your desription of her riding abilities. :)

Do you think she might like Canadians? :D:)

banffboy - Thanks to our dithering, useless Prime Minister, there's not as many people that like Canadians as there used to be. :)

BTW - how are the snow conditions in Revelstoke? We've booked for Easter week-end, of course the sled rental guy and guide are telling us things are rosy, but I'd like to get a second opinion.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

No hard feelings with the Canadians here. :D

We are the ones that left Sadam in power. :) Time to take care of our mistake.

Hey, give her my details, tell her there is no stinkin' snow to fight through down under and have her send a picture... of the bike... LOL


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