greenies aren't the only ones without manners.

landowners are the same way, and before you hang up, let me explain...

got "caught" on some land yest. that i didn't know i wasn't allowed on (other atv-ers already ripped down posted signs, which is another thing i was pissed about.. i got blamed for it)

and this guy was so rude. my group and i expressed our appologies and made it clear to him that we were not trying to tresspass, and had done it inadvertantly (land changed hand over winter, and his area with trails already existing on it was now off-limits i would soon learn) and made sure to be as polite about it as possible.

i got my point across, so he let us go, but he was very rude about it. cussing at us, blaming us for others acts ("stealing" from his burnpile?, flicking him off, making a highway through his property, etc...) and called us a variety of R rated names. :D:) (in front of my 15 yr old bro.)

But back to my point. second time this has happened to me, and i haven't returned to first riding area since, and will not go back here again. but what i don't see is why people have to be so rude or greedy in the first place??? :D

existing trails. HELLO!!! :D

till people learn of transaction of land, you can't get all bent outa shape. :D

On top of that, why do posted signs have to be so threatening. that is why people tera them down in the first place... if a sign would say "Stay off property , PLEASE" or "Private property, no tresspassing, PLEASE"

i'm sure it would be much more effective in affecting people's concious decisions. some people are just a-holes and are gonna do stuff to cause trouble. you can't stop that, but that doesn't mean that the majority of the riding public doesn't respect wishes of others. usually it's the tough guy (i.e. class clown, rebel with out a cause) in a riding group that will tear down a sign because it says " You can't don't this" and he says "yes i can, no one will tell me what to do, hahaha" (or sumthin ot that effect...)

so, in short, why is it that dirt bikers and atv enthusiests are tagged with having bad manners because of a select few, but landowners aren't? :D :D

and as for the guys that rip down signs, should you be reading this, keep it up. your day will come...*police lights flashing in background* mwa-hahahaha. :D :D :D

and i know that soem land owner will come on here with his own defense about kids destroying property, and i see your point too, (but i'm talking fro a rider's poinmt of view right now) but if that's the case and you want people off your property that bad and are in that big a mood to ruin everyone else's lives, put up a fence. :D

feel free to post any opinions or riding stories of getting "caught, blatantly tresspassing" i may be able to use this for a problem/solution paper in a class at school.


racer36 ;)

the rudeness probably comes from years of people trespassing and taking off when the landowner showed up.

a large part of the problem with access is overly litigous people who tresspass, fall and hurt themselves thru no fault of anyone but themselves and then sue the landowner where they were trespassing. this kind of a jack*ss action can put the legitimate landowner into the poorhouse thru no fault of his own.

too bad so many people refuse to take responsibility for their own actions, and the courts/lawyers support them!

If we could just behave ourselves (except, of course, for socially acceptable protests) we'd be ok. The worst offenders are:

1. Riders who KNOWINGLY ride on forbidden private land. The landowner has an absolute right to keep us off his land.

2. Riders who knock down signs so the rest of us don't know when we're doing #1.

3. Riders who ride over their head, crash out, then sue the landowner and everyone who provided parts and accessories for their bike.

4. Riders who act arrogant while annoying the general public. The guys who have that "I can do anything I want anywhere I want" kind of attitude.

You obviously didn't know you were on forbidden private land, so you get a free pass. I wouldn't worry about the ass chewing you got. I've had those before on non-posted land. You're actually lucky you didn't get some rock salt in the seat of your riding pants, LOL!



okay, i'm glad i'm not the only one that gets pissed cuz of those few "rebels without a cause" out there riding amongst us.

but all I was saying was that i believe that no tresspassing efforts would be much more effective if manners were to become involved.

maybe not. just an idea. that way there wouldn't be so much "no you can't", "yes i can, just watch me" going on. it would be more of a request, and the majority of riders would adhere to it i believe, and if the landowner can't stand that 1 last person passing through, like i said. FENCE IT OFF!

oh, i forgot to mention. this guy claimed the guy who owned the land before him put nailboards all over this trail.(threatning us???) BULLCRAP!!! :D

maybe this is part of the reason for the retarded lawsuits. if a farmer puts up a nailboard or choke wire across a trail because he wants to keep kids from cutting across the back corner of his woods that bad, he in a sense is attempting to commit murder of the first degree.

if someone is hurt by these or even killed, tresspassing or not, the landowner is now in jail being held for... PREMEDITATED HOMICIDE. :) a federal criminal offense of the first degree, which i believe would then be eligible for a sentence of life in jail (to death penalty???) they intended to harm or kill!!!

so what i'm saying is landowners have to take some responsibility, too, when it comes to "protecting their property" if it's that important to them, which leads me back to FENCE IT OFF!!!

racer36 :D

well "FENCE IT OFF" is easy to say but fencing is very expensive and most urban landowners can't afford nor would want to fence off their rightfully owned land.

using that logic they should tell us "buy your own land"

how about we all just show some respect for other peoples property?

I'm in agreement with you, xrracer. If it's that important, fence it! If not, then don't be so surprised and pissed if someone innocently wanders onto your property.

We do need to respect the property of others, but they need to make it clear which property is theirs if it's that important that others stay out!


I had a expierence very similar to xrracer's a year or two ago.

We were loading our bikes up in a well known parking area and just started pulling out of the lot when a old man pulled up in a truck and started cussing at us telling us we were parking on "his land".

No signs, trails leading everywhere from the parking area, no fences, no nothing to clue you in that we might be tresspassing.

He pulled a gun on us and I almost ran him over to get out of there in time.

Im lucky I didnt commit vehicular homicide and end up sitting in the Arkansas pokey (that dosent sound fun, does it?) for weeks until I could get a trial.

Moral of the story, I dont feel like I did anything wrong at all, but I guarantee I wont be parking there again. Even if it wasnt/was his property, I dont need some old coot poking a hand cannon in my face.

We got lucky. Be careful. :)

p.s. Heres the link to my original post on this story -

if you care to read it. :D

wow, didnt realize it was almost a year ago.. :D

In Québec we also have those crazy riders destroying everything in their way... I even saw guys riding through the middle of growing fields of cereals just to cut the distance!!! Tell me how the owner should react when he sees such a thing??? I don't think a fence is needed in such a case. If you are not able to realize you are running through plants of oatmeal, well we all can say you are a serious basket case...

That given, we also have the counterpart: total intolerance of the motocross sport from the 45 to 60 year old people. It seems that they could allow each other to run snowmobiles in each other's bedroom but don't think you will be allowed to pass at 500 yards from their chalet in public forests. If they could they would try to shoot you. In fact, they are tolerant to the very noisy snowmobiles because they practice this sport. They spit on motocross riders because it doesn't affect them. Same thing applies to many quad riders.

These are general considerations though...don't wish to attack anybody personnally. :)

thank you Dan (and others). i was starting to think that everybody on this board was a bunch of middle age stuff-buttons ..

... :):D...

don't ask, i don't know where i got that one... :D

"stuff-buttons" ?!?!?! &%$#@! :D??!?!?!!LOL sorry guys, i think i just lowered your IQ for making you read that... LOL :D :D :D

anyways, it's good to hear that others make mistakes and not every one thinks they should be prosecuted for it.

besides, the way i see it, if someone can afford to buy 50 acres of forest to just let it sit unused, they can definitly afford to put a fence around it.

stuff buttons??????? :D :D :D

racer36 :D

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