Another wr450 bites the dust.

At least it happened in my driveway. 16 miles. ruined weekend plans. etc.

Had you retorqed the flywheel nut? lapped in the rotor?

No, nothing. It's going to dealer tommorrow.

Will450,I read your post about you retorquing you rotor nut on the 15th then it wouldn't run...Whats going on?


Actally I did not re-tourqe it I just got a socket on it and tightened it back up. The timing must be off cause it will not fire up. Just pops a little.

I'm just guessing that the woodruff key sheared.

Mine did the same. Quit running only popped. It was only a plug. I am not saying it is not a key, I thought mine was. With the stock jetting I had the choke on for so long just to get it to run, I fouled it. ---Mike

Mine just started and when I let it die and tried to hit the starter button it just freewheeled. I opened the access hole and noticed the nut had backed off. I tightend it up and the starter would engage and turn the engine over but wouldn't fire. I guess the timing was affected.

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