need help!! timing chain problems on 99yzf400

im about to replace my timing chain and im down to taking the stator off is there a trick ive tred everything wont come off? thanks for the help

Just unbolt it... :thumbsup:

okay what about the flywheel any trick to that

thanks i just dont know why this stator aint comin off i need to get it off to replace the timing chain right?

We are having trouble understanding why you are having trouble. You have said that you can't get the stator (the part with the wiring and coils) off, and then asked how to get the flywheel off (the part that turns on the end of the crank). Since the flywheel has to come off first, there's no logic to your question.

  1. Remove the flywheel by removing the nut from the crank and using a proper flywheel puller. FAILURE TO USE THE CORRECT PULLER MAY RESULT IN DAMAGE TO THE FLYWHEEL. You might even hurt yourself.
  2. Remove the 3 bolts holding the stator plate to the crankcase and remove the stator

What part of this have you not done?

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