DRZ400e street legal conversion - budget conversion help sought

2000 DRZ400e that I would like to make street legal in TX. Talked with the local tag office and no blinkers needed....just speedo, headlight (two beam), tail light with brake switch, horn, 1 mirror, and DOT legal tires. I've noticed that most of the "baja" kits are around $400 and come with more than I need. I went and looked at a converted E model yesterday and it looked very simple and he used a simple speedo with odometer, not the full electronic Trailtech unit. It was a very clean install and if didn't have a plate on the back, 95% of the people wouldn't even know it was street legal.

Just trying to figure out a way to "piece" my conversion together rather than spend $400 to buy the kit. Any suggestions???


Browse E-bay start picking pieces,give a call to the baja kit company they might have something to fit your needs.

Hope this helps bud.

You already have your answer. Buy a head light, tail ligh, horn, mirror of your choice. Buy a universal switch to run the system available from many catalogs. My choce is to rig mechanical pull switch off the rear brake lever for the brake light. You can buy a universal wire harness or make your own.

I estimate about $250 for parts new. Less if you are good at ebay.

FYI. I did a home-brew conversion to street-legal on an '02 kicker six months ago. I spent about $230 on parts doing what you describe except I did not install a hi/lo headlight, and I did install blinkers (for safety, not because state law required them).

Although it was a K rather than an E, if you have any interest in taking a look at the wiring diagram/parts list I used on the cheap, check the thread below. It's available in there somewhere.

I recommend against a mechanical brake light switch. I originally installed one & it was a PIA to find a place to fit it on the rear brake lever. But I did, & then after about 6 weeks, its internal insulation apparently failed and every time I hit the brake enough to activate the brake light, it grounded the entire electrical system and lights, ignition, engine, everything simply died in the middle of the road! Fired right up when I let off the rear brake, however. I then installed a hydraulic brake light switch instead and it has worked flawlessly since. Just my 2 cents.

This diagram is no longer up-to-date, as I have since installed an analog tach, but it may give you some useful ideas.

It's not a big nor a difficult job. Best of luck to you! Far as I'm concerned, two wheels don't get no better than a street-legal dirt bike!


I street legaled my K in Tx... You do not need blinkers or a speedo, you need:

2 beam headlight

Brake light with running light

Licence plate light


1 mirror

licene plate needs to be at rear, and lighted

Inspection sticker has to be w/in 6" of liceneplate and lighted

DOT tires.


Do these to your bike, then take the bike and insurance to an inspection station. They will give you the sticker and a "green sheet" that is actually blue. Take that blue sheet with your title to the DMV to have a street legal title made. They will take your title and send the new one in the mail, and give you a licence plate.

I've converted a 2003 XR400R and my 2000 DrZ400 kicker. Check my garage for the things I've added, such as a baja designs key switch, etc.

Just plated my E about 30 days ago in TX and the one thing I ran into everywhere I went for inspection was dual brake light switches. Everyone insisted that both front and rear brakes activate the brake light.

My hydraulic switch lasted 30 days. Cheepo mechanical is now 8 years old and working fine. Just my experience. I have seen the hydraulic ones leak internally and even blow out completely.

Start with the stock Suzuki actuators f/r from TT store. A harness can be had with or w/o headlight from Wheeling Cycle Supply. He has a great tail light/plate setup from DRC called the EDGE. You will want the metal version.

From there keep searching. A trailtech gives you a lot along with an accurate speedo for little over $100 last I checked. Even tho they may not require a speedo (really? no speedo? how do you know if you're speeding?) it will keep you from getting a ticket and had an odo, tach and some other computer goodies.

I like the Stock DRZ headlight and you can also get a Jap spec version from Wheeling that is pretty cool. The conversion is pretty common to TT ers and you can surf the TT classifieds and often find lots of goodies cheap. I bought an S so I would be legal out of the box. I thought al the Baja stuff was way overpriced - hose clamps to hold the headlight on - no thanks.

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