IRC Vulcanduro.. good or bad?

I am in desperate need of some new meat on the rear of my bike.

I called the local shops here in town and noone seems to have the Dunlop 739 that I am looking for in stock.

One dealer tried to sell me on the IRC Vulcanduro tire. He said it is a great long lasting intermediate/hard terrain tire.

Im not sure though because I seem to remember one of my friends having the sidewall blow out on him on one after only 2 rides.

Anyone have any input on this particular tire before I go buy it?

IRC- M-5-B Better tire, holds up well in rocky conditions. George

Darin, I've had good luck with them. I say go for it. They last pretty good and hook up well. The m5b is more for sand and softer terrain.

Wife has one on the TTR. good tire. Haven't tried it on the 400 though. If the dealer is Bob, he should give you a decent deal on it. BTW you wouldn't happen to have a clavicle strap handy, size md-lg???? Friend did his shoulder in last weekend. If not, I can probably chase one down elsewhere. :)

Excellent tire, have put over 1000 miles on my current VE33. This is on an XR600R. I used to have one on a little 200 four stroke that lasted me two seasons (about 2000 miles). Up here in the tight woods and rocks that are nasty on tires, the VE33 is a top choice. In comparison, I rounded off an S-12 in about three rides, what a waste. I am about to re-shoe for the mudy winter and will be going Volcanduro front/rear as I don't think I can do any better.

Thanks for the response guys, this will definatly be my NEXT tire. I did find a Dunlop 739 for just a couple dollars more (even though I didnt want to go to this store...Pro"crap"Cycle) but I wanted to get the tire last night and I hadnt recieved a resonse yet so I went ahead and went with the 739.

Like I said though, next time IRC. (yes it was Bob, Jekel)

Jekel, I just looked and we used to carry soft goods like arm slings and knee braces but we left that side of the business since it didnt doo much for us.

Sorry I dont have anything for the clavicle or I would hook you up.

Thanks for checking.

I've had excellent results with both the IRC Vulcanduro VE33 and M5B rear tires. These tires last longer and work as well for me as any other tires I have tried for general trailriding. However, I cannot recommend the IRC VE35 front tire. It works OK in sand and mud, but is treacherous on hardpack. It does not hold a line in harder terrain due to the tall, flexible knobs.

i just put irc tires on my bike i put a m5b on rear and ve35 in front.ive probably have 5 or 6 full days of riding on them and there still i great condition i'll at least get 5 more rides out of not sure about front it still looks like it was put on yesterday.i usually run michelin m12 rear and s12 in front its always been a great combination for me.the only problem i had with mich tires is im lucky to get 4 days of riding our of my rear tire and maybe 10 from s12 in front.guy at cycle gear recommended i try the irc tires and there not bad.the rear hooks up great on hard or soft dirt.handles well cornering,the only thing bad trait i noticed was at higher speeds 50+mph it felt kinda of wishy washy almost like side walls were folding over.i really only felt it a couple times and it was always in middle of sweeping turn on dirt fire road between 50 and 60mph.the front tire seems to bite pretty could once it get warmed the morning when it was cold it felt a little shetchy.terrain i mostly ride is in sierras at deercreek and it can vary from loose powder to hard sharp lava rock and it almost changes every 100 yards.

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