Help wanted compression problem

I stored my bike for 4 weeks and when i wanted to start it last saterday i noticed there wasn't any compression. I could kick right down without using the decompression lever. I panicked and thought there was something really wrong so i checked the valve clearance but that was ok, also the decompression mechanism was working well. I put it all back together and kicked a few times and feld that compression was coming back bit by bit, i started the bike and let it idle run for a few seconds then again i checked the kick and everything was back normal.

Is it possible that this got something to do with oil that has run down or should i really start worrying.

I've ridden the bike sunday for about 100miles and everything was back to normal.

Please advise.

It's a WR400F 2000

Very common occurance. Some think it is because the oil has seeped off the rings, thereby reducing compression. Once the oil gets "sopped" through the engine, compression returns, and the problem goes away.

Got your valves checked though.....

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