Son brought a 2006 yz 450

im surprized after riding my sons 06 yz 450 just how much softer it is in the bottom end than my 2002 yz 426.

IT does however have a pretty good midrange .. And seems very smooth and linear compared to the 426 also very light in the front end , it has brand new 08 shorty exhaust ,newish piston 12 hours old, and racetech suspension front and rear it does handle beautifully though when compaired to my old tank...but hey i love my old girl she makes my heart race:thumbsup:

It's obvious that someone upgraded to a new '08 from that '06. They kept the '06 pipe and sold your bike with that POS '08 pipe.

I took my '06 pipe and put it on my '08 too but I couldn't stoop low enough to sell the '06 that way. The original bikes power was way too good to ruin it with that junk pipe so I bought a second '06 system for my new bike and sold my '06 with it's original exhaust and a clear conscience.

Do your son a favor and find him a stock '06 exhaust system for his new ride.


like somebody said above do your son a favor and ditch the shorty pipe and get him a stock 06 pipe or get a aftermarket pipe. it will wake the bottem end up a lot!:thumbsup:

yeah thanks guys, we know that someone switched pipes, as we brought it off a yamaha dealership it was owned by there workshop mechanic and they told us, we also know its a shit pipe but as hes only raced 1 other mx before and that was on his yz 250 2t in the wet.. we thought we would leave it on for now untill he gets a bit more experience under his belt...I was just surprized the difference that it made

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