2009 - or wait 4 the 2010 WR450

time for me to up date my current Motard it a 05 450.

But the thing is that was at bookshop and was flicking through a mag and there was a scoop on the 2010 wr 450 with reverse cycle motor and fule injection and a hole chassie revamp coming. I sould have bought the mag but i thought i be a tight arse and go home a goggle it, for more info, (with no luck ) i found sufff all.

Other than this http://www.trailriderz.com.au/showthread.php?t=5469

anybody know much ??

and on the other hand what diffrences betwen the 08-09 ?? other than sticker kit , as i might just have to bite the bullet and buy one next week, as the 2010 is probbly a year out b4 it hits the shop floors.

But my local shop has both a 09 and 08 and the 08 a grand cheaper.

my local shop has both a 09 and 08 and the 08 a grand cheaper.

Go with the 08...you (we) wont see efi or any of those updates until 2011 at the earliest as the YZ is always first to be updated and then the WR the following year

That's right. Buy the 08. The difference between 08 and 09 is only the New Graphics.

Sounds like the WR is getting all the updates like the YZ.

It aint gonna happen....never has never will

The biggest issue I see right now for both Yamaha if they go this route with the WR along with Husaberg is fuel capacity. Nice to have that weight centralized, but I don't see much room for expansion to a 3-4 gallon tank if needed. As Husaberg is missing the coiled exhaust back there, they probably will have a bit more room to play with. I just don't see it on the Yammie, at least in a traditional form.


mmmm, strange how the airbox is still in the same (traditional) spot behind the motor despite the reverse intake/exhaust configuration!


..... ie ...... This shot is obviously a hoax!


Greg, dead right re the pic, unless of course it's running two airboxes! I'm still a bit dubious the WR will get the same updates, based on previous models. Either way, I'd be waiting until 2011. Firstly, if the WR does get updated next year, there will be a year to get the bugs out, as mentioned. And secondly, I don't think it will come out next year - only on the YZ. Is it just me or have Yamaha been more secretive than usual with information about the upcoming model.

I was at my local shop yesterday chatting about it and they've got absolutely nothing from Yamaha at all - not even little bits of info, although I guess it is still early in the piece.

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