My titanium footpegs are rusting!!!

Ok, so when I bought a brand new 08 450 this winter, I thought the foot pegs were titanium (due to what people have told me). Riding yesterday, I noticed that they were rusting and my magnet sticks to them. The rear spring is ti, so whats up with the pegs? Same color, etc.

Steel foot pegs are costing me at least 3 to 5 seconds a lap!!!! hahahahahahaha

They were wrong not titanium.

07 was the last year of titanium footpegs stock. In 08 they went back to steel.

HA HA HA HA -sucks to be me... I'm just glad the bike works well...

I thought I was the onley one that didnt ride enough to keep things from I think my frame will rust before long..


oh thats funny. They made the foot pegs wider so people wouldnt notice the switch to cheaper steel. Most of the Magazines say you cant really notice ti vs steel on the foot pegs since the weight is so low on the bike.

They made the pegs wider because they're better wider, and no human is ever going to be able to tell Ti from steel by how the bike feels with them on.

The OEM Yamaha Ti pegs are a bit on the fragile side, actually. The steel ones can be bent back, and are cheaper to replace. It's just an expense that doesn't give a lot of bang for the buck, and Yamaha probably just felt like the money would be better spent elsewhere.

yeah I have had a ti peg snap, after a wash out on the pavement doing a bout 50mph.

The OEM Ti pegs appear to be castings, whereas those from Light Speed and others are fabbed/welded, and are much stronger.

I broke a pro circuit Ti peg that I had on my KX250... previous owner had put them on there. I ended up replacing them with pro circuit SS pegs. I really like the stock pegs on my 08 though, so wide and great grip.

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