I'm sure this is an old subject

Sorry to bother you guys over here. I have only been on TT since December and I'm sure this subject has been covered before. Since there are so many of us new guys around, thought I'd bring it up again. Its about garbage. the places I've been to ride, people are using them as trash dumps. I know its not from our sport. No way you could transport kitchen appliances on a bike, or even a quad out to dump it. broken beer bottles, you name it, its out there. I'm worried about forces trying to take our public lands away using this trash against us. Plus, this land is our home. Weather its clear across the country or you only have to drive 15 minutes. Its our home. What my son and I now do is take an extra trash bag with us. We fill it with garbage we find around our parking/camping site. It only takes about 20 minutes to fill one up so, no real riding time is lost. If we (all in this sport) did this, maybe we could make a dent, maybe even offer up some goodwill from the community at large for our sport. I'm not suggesting taking out the furniture and discarded batteries, just trash in general. Just a thought.

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Excellent post.

And the sirra club in your area is claiming were the one "trashing" our riding areas. :) When in reality were the ones cleaning it up!

I have to admit, I havent been one of the one out there picking up trash latley in my neck of the woods, but posts like these sure lights a fire under me.

We clean up our parking lots too. Over the years it has changed. Now we are amazed when we DON'T find trash at the parking lot. Most of the time people don't care. The story is the same for a lot of the State OHV areas. Some of them post the public use problems on their websites. We get blamed, but we clean it up anyway.

that would be one big damn trash bag to put a kitchen sink in !! :):D :D

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