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Baja Designs cares deeply about every customer and every mistake we make. We are very aware that there is no business without you, our customers. If anyone has concerns/complaints, I am happy to personally handle them. My phone # is 760-560-2252 x 109 or my email is .

Please remember that we are a bunch of motorcycle riders like you. We are in this business because we love this sport and want to be involved in it. We give our customers free technical support and assist them with making educated choices regarding their dirt bike purchases. We take great pride in making products that enhance your riding experiences. Of course, we sometimes make mistakes, but we go out of our way to make it right for our customer and learn from mistakes so future customers don’t have the same problem. In Robino’s case, the order was placed on the Internet with questions in the comment area. It took exactly 12 emails back and forth to determine exactly what he wanted. Our intentions were good, but it still took too long. It upsets customers even more to be charged for and shipped something that does not meet their needs or expectations.

If anyone has concerns/complaints, I am happy to personally handle them. My phone # is 760-560-2252 x 109 or my email is .
Had this information been posted on your site, I would have e-mailed/phoned you a long time ago.

I'd like to say that i work long hours all day and cannot use the phone to order parts.

E-mailing is the only thing available to me during most of the day.

If you are unable to process orders in a timely fashion through e-mail you should say so on your site.

I'd like to add that the original order was placed on the 19th of Aug. and after many requests, it still wasn't shipped, and still isn't. Also, noone advised me that lighting kits need to be built prior to shipping, in fact i was told my order would be shipped out the day i decided to order the lighting kit.

You sir, are obviously not able to take every order that comes through, but find it ironic that the three times I ordered through your company, i've gotten similar results.

Look up my name and see how much money I spent with your company.

I expected better service, even though someone who spends $5 should receive the same.

At this point, i am beyond annoyed, and would just like to cancel my order(as requested in my last e-mail sent to Chris on Sept.9th)

thank you.

p/s- loved the appology :)

you must have been a business major :D

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Would like to put an end to this so...

I did just receive an appology from Alan Roach, owner of, and while it did sound a bit snotty, it was still an appology.

No effort was made on his part to try and rectify the problem caused by Chris, the college student working the e-mail orders for Bajadesigns, but then again, I wasn't expecting much anyway.

Appology accepted.

Sorry to all who were offended by my cursing, and my Spam posting.

Lots of buys on the justxr mailing list are also very happy with BD and theyer free support...

My personal comments regarding Baja Designs:

I've know Alan since he started Baja Designs out of his house. He always gives 110 % to please and answer all questions before,during and after the sale. Baja Designs support has been outstanding.Even though I live in Mexico, I prefer to drive to his store to give him my business.All the guys are always eager to give/share tips and direct you away from junk that come out in the motorcycle market.If you ever have any questions with any companies that are late,bad service,no support,talk to the owner or manager to get things squared away.

Jose Trueba

somewhere in Baja

I have GOT to get my 2 cents in on this one!

Let me tell you what kind of guy Alan Roach is:

I purchased my bike used with a Baja Designs kit already on it. Titled, inspected, registered, and plated BY the Iowa DOT. After 2 years and 2 owners, Iowa goes wacko and tries to sieze these valuable documents.

I immediately did 3 things: consulted a lawyer (waste of time & $); posted the situation on TT;

AND called the company that made the conversion kit ( Baja Designs ). Bear in mind that B.D. has never made one red cent off me.

When I explained the situation, I was immediately put through to some guy named Alan Roach. The very NEXT day, I had a wonderfully written letter from Alan to the DOT fighting on my behalf. A long, concise, and informative letter that obviously took some time and thought.

I have "bounced" strategies off Alan, and have always received prompt, personal responses. THIS MAN DOES CARE. And PROVES it!!

Robino, I'm very sorry and understand your frustration, but if he treats this second-hand customer like that, I refuse to believe that you have been knowingly or intentionally "blown-off" by Alan or his subordinates.

Alan Roach and Baja Designs are the VERY BEST kind of company.

Scott Rath

My father purchased an HID lighting kit from Baja Designs about 10 months ago. We had alot of questions regarding the mounting and operation of the unit. I forget the gentlemans name that I talked to regarding the issues that we had, but I remember the staff bending over backwards just so we could get the most out of the lighting system. Also, I raced the Vegas to Reno race last year and shared a table with the higher ups (I think the owner) at Baja Designs and all I can say from my judge of character that they were sincere people that were passionate about off road racing and riding. I think that something so specific as a lighting harness and questions regarding the unit should have probably been solidified over a phone call. But "BD" has the system in place so that you can place an order over the internet and they should look in the comment box and reply to your questions immediatly. It sounds like they did. Maybe they could've been more attentive to your needs, I don't really know. Nevertheless, Baja Designs DID appologize to Robino and that takes a big man to say "Im sorry".

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Robino, is that if email was not getting the job done, and you were truly upset with the level of service being provided, wouldn't you want the supervisor or owner to know that??
i intended to end this thread, and I hope bajadesigns can bounce back from any business they might have lost from this...

to respond to your question, i looked for the supervisor's e-mail and phone number but none are posted on his site.

Another thing i wanted to add, is that they did have in black and white on their site, that they offer a $299 specific wiring kit for the CRF for those like me, who already have lighting, etc. and only need there was no confusion on my part. I asked what happened to that $299 deal, and got no response. They kept pushing the $499 kit on me even though I already have most of what's needed.

I wasn't asking for something out of the ordinary, nor did I say, wait until i make up my mind, THEN send me the stuff. I thought I made myself pretty clear when I asked "Send me my stuff right away"...and got the response "It has been proccessed and it will be sent right away".

I can't see how that makes it my fault, or how bajadesigns can claim they are attentive to my needs, where clearly they weren't.

I had noone to complain to, there were no other phone numbers/e-mail addys. so I kept begging for my stuff to be shipped until I could beg no more(4 weeks later). How any of you can see this as MY fault, I don't know. Anyway, Electrex seemed to be more than capable of taking my order this morning, and i don't see a problem with them proccessing an order and swiping my credit card.

Alan did appologise, but made no effort in trying to make things right with ME. A little dissapointing since I've spent over $2000 in his shop recently.

On to bigger better things.

Did you ask to speak with the supervisor? It usually works for me.


Here's my 2 cents on this. I've purchased two kits in the past from Alan. The first bike, WR 250 1996, wasn't too popular for street so I asked BD if they could set up a kit for it. After about 2 1/2 weeks, I received it. The kit was complete, instructions clear and after moto-ing with it on, it worked great. The second bike was a WR 400 1999. This time, the kit was available and it arrived within 2 weeks. I live out in Guam so the mail takes about 5-7 days. Same thing with the quality, instructions and sturdy design, post-moto-ing (putting around in the trails isn't much of a test for sturdiness).

During those times, I have emailed BD and received replies from Alan. Bottom line, I am a happy customer and also quite surprised about the complaint. However, also being a business person, I know things do fall between the cracks sometimes. I seriously doubt Alan is going to lose much business from one complaint after reading the other testimonials for BD. If people go to other Dual/street kits, good luck and I hope you they can install it and withstand the moto test.

Being out in Guam, we rely on mail order. We have problems with some orders but usually work it out. Happy with most bike mail order companies but one that keeps me scratching my head is the big company that McGrath used to ride for. Advice... don't call in an order after regular hours. Customer service training, perhaps? But, I occasionally send in an order still (same big company; not too wise on my part?). Doing good, Alan... keep it up.

When I first read this complaint I was a little more than shocked. I have done a little business with Baja Designs and have been EXTREMELY impressed with their level of enthusiasm for the sport and their willingness to satisfy the customer. I spent less than $200 in their store (hey, I've got kids...) but every time I went in there or called them with technical questions (even unrelated to the parts I bought) I got nothing less than first rate service and professional courtesy. I PROUDLY ride with Baja Designs stickers on my bike. The question I see arising from your predicament, Robino, is that if email was not getting the job done, and you were truly upset with the level of service being provided, wouldn't you want the supervisor or owner to know that?? Why wait until you're completely fed up with something to scream for it to be fixed? Personally, I don't think you would accept any apology from them right now because of the amount of festering you've let this dissatifaction undergo. As customers in the U.S., being capitalists, we must inform the executives of the businesses we deal with of our problems. If they do not fix it the way we desire, move to the next company. But at least give the SUPERVISORS a chance...not some minimum wage secretary.

I would buy (and plan to) from Baja Designs again. I have met Alan Roach in his store and thank him for his continued developments in off road motorcycle accessories. I encourage anyone purchase from them.

Doing good, Alan... keep it up.
yeah, real good. :)

what's good and funny is your 4 posts ironically all defending BD and their reputation.

How many sprockets are they giving you for this?

i intended to end this thread...
You were saying...???

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Originally posted by robino:

<blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:<hr /> Doing good, Alan... keep it up.

yeah, real good. :)

what's good and funny is your 4 posts ironically all defending BD and their reputation.

How many sprockets are they giving you for this?<hr /></blockquote>Check the annoucement at the top of this forum. If you have any further question, send me an email at


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