51 - 14 gearing, How many links.

Anyone running 51 14 gearing ? I need to know how many links in the chain. Thanks in advance.


Was your stock gearing 14/50? Your stock chain lenght would be fine for a change to 14/51...You would only move your rear axle ahead by 1/4 of a tooth or just over 1/8".

When I bought the bike it had a 47 rear and 14 front .

I'm buying a new chain and changing to a 51 rear.

Ok, your original was 14/50 so you should go with the stock 114 link chain.

Thanks. I wasn't sure if the stock was 114. So I should be ok even if I want to try a 13 on the front.

Yeah, 13/51 should be fine with stock 114 link too.

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