New XR650L: need performance tips please

Hey BRP'ers, just got an 01 650L completely stock. It has good power but runs very lean with poor throttle response. I've ordered the DJ kit, smog block kit, uni air filter. Don't want to go with an aftermarket exhaust at the moment but was thinking about the HRC tip insert-what do you guys think. Also could anyone provide jetting specs or should I go per DJ instructions (instruction were'nt exactly correct for my DRZ). I can't seem to find this anywhere, but what are the stock jets in this BRP. Does anyone know if the DJ kit from bajadesigns comes with a pilot jet (it didn't say on their website, but they put one in for my DRZ).

Any and all upgrade info is greatly welcomed and appreciated.


I don't have any jet specs, but I can tell you that the L has been nothing but experimental when it comes to trying to dial in the jetting when I do upgrades. It's a CV carb, so it is a different beast--as is the L altogether--than an off-road carb. I started with what was recomended and just played around with it until it felt and adjusted out right.

I have a pic of the vacuum piston mod below.

Good Luck,


Hi buddie,

I just did mine 2 weeks ago. If you order the BD kit from White Brothers they put in the slow jet. So my advice is get it from them, I called BD and they confirmed that they don't put in the slow jet. So Order from White Brothers approx $50.00 bucks.

I'm at sea level, on the East coast, if your the same you going to be just fine! The instructions that come with the kit are dead on just follow them there easy.

If your on a buget get the tip, (I didn't like the way it looked and it cost $50-90.00 bucks.) For that price save your money for a month and add in another $150.00 and get a nice slip-on you won't regret it.

good luck. :)

Thanks RunAnywhere and jstevens.

I've already ordered the DJ kit from bajadesigns. So now I need to know what size pilot jet I should get from my local dealer (if they have any-they never do). I'm at sea level up to 3000 feet. And yeah I'm kindof on a budget-I've been spending more than I have on mods for the DRZ and four wheeler :). So I'll try the hot tip insert-I can get one for $44, and hey anything has to be an improvement on the stock sound. BTW, to put this insert in do you simply break the two spot welds holding the baffle in.

Hrothgar, where can you get the insert for $44.00?! I couldn't find one for less than $90.00. For $90.00 I figured I could wait. I am in the same boat as you, I need to order the jet kit myself. Please let the forum know how everything went. I am very curious if the tip really gives some gain or not.

Sorry uw153, I meant to say WB hot tip exhaust insert, not the HRC insert. The hot tip retails from WB at $54.50, but can be got at lukes racing for 20% off that price. WB reports a 6 HP gain in DJ trials with only a 1.2 dB increase (sounds too good to be true).

BTW, can anyone recommend a pilot jet size for the DJ kit.


In the Dyno-Jet kit I got from Baja Designs, included was a 55 pilot. If they are no longer shipping with the pilot I have seen people recommend a 52 or a 55 and stock is a 50. I am not sure which would be best with which mods. Maybe somebody with more experience with jetting the L can chime in. I am interested in the answer also.


The Dyno-Jet kit "Stage 1" kit if you got it from White Brothers should with the slow jet, as WB adds it in to the Cool kits from they get from Dyno Jet. It's like a fishing tackle kit, it's got each item in it's own compartment

with stickers etc.. It says "STAGE 1" on the kit. when you look in it everything appears to be there, a set of instructions with dyno chart, and coupon for a free dyno test, a new slide spring, needle, two main jets even the slow jet from the other guys. As far as main jets go you'll get two, A 160 & and 165 to choose from. 160 for stock/unmodified exhaust. 165 for modified w/uni air filter or slip on exhaust w/uni air filter.

By the way, I tried twice to order that freeken WB HOT TIP. One was from my local dealer via WBrothers, after 2 months my dealer told me that WB discontinued the "Hot Tip". I then tried FlordaMX or something like that they said they had 2 instock, so i placed an order only to find out that they didn't have any and they to said they couldn't get me one. If you guys can get them more power to you. Good luck :)

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