Score death in San Felipe

There were quite a few stories floating around Saturday evening about the accident. Still haven't heard any more info. Sad day.

Another forum I belong to stated that a photographer who worked for Trackside photo witnessed the accident. David had fallen off the bike in an very dusty and dirty area. (there was very little wind and it was dark & overcast raceday morning) He apparently was headed back onto the course to get his bike when the truck appeared out of the dust. He apparently died very quickly if not instantly. The photographer pulled him off the course but was afraid for his own safety to try and retrieve the bike. The Photographer said the truck didn't stop but he wasn't sure the driver even knew he had hit anything. (However the first radio report from the Weatherman I heard said the driver reported he " clipped a bike rider") Truely a sad day.

Today I heard a quad rider also died in an incident with another trophy truck.

I think it's time SCORE takes a long look at the way these events are run. The time interval needs to be extended between bikes and trucks ....or the bikes could run another day. Starting the 7000lb, 750hp Trophy Trucks and hour or hour and a half behind the sportsman bikes (some of whom are from Japan and don't even prerun) is just too dangerous for some of these guys in my opinion. Maybe they could even start the sportsman bikes last behind the sportsman buggies. JMHO


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