Some questions and comments from a new owner

I recently purchased 2000 WR400 and sadly was only able to ride it a few times before the winter weather set in,but I have never instantly liked any bike as much as this one.I have always enjoyed 2 strokes over 4, having owned(and loved)KDX 200,250,220's and most recently a '97 WR250. The last 4 stroke I owned was a '96 KLX250,and between jumping out of second gear and hard starting when hot,it left a bad taste in my mouth.This WR400 is much tastier! Reading all the comments on this owner's forum helped my purchase decision - Thanks guys! I do have a few questions that hopefully someone can help me with.I understand that my Canadian WR does not require the throttle stop mod,and I have read that changing to YZ spec cam timing is not required.Is this true? I also was wondering if anyone has tried any aftermarket pipes that are as quiet,or close to as quiet as my stock Canadian (non-removable baffle)exhaust.What I want is less weight,and more performance,without an obnoxious exhaust note.Even in Canada land closures are a reality with noise being the most common complaint.Less sound=More ground!

I have the same model (Canadian version) and have a few friends with the same bike. One of the members of my club (Oshawa Competition Motorcycle Club) works as the service manger for Yamaha Canada so I have a fairly decent access to good info on the bike.

Changing the timing to the YZ timing will increase power but makes the bike hit harder when it "comes on the cam". I had a chance to ride a friend's bike who had made the change and for the type of riding I do (Ontario Enduros and Hare Scrambles) I thought it made the bike more difficult to ride.

I am also looking for a pipe and muffler arrangement to get rid of some weight but from what I have read about so far any pipe that gives a significant increase in power also gives an unacceptable increase in noise. If you go to the techincal section you can download the chart that one of the magazines did on aftermarket pipes.

There are only two main things you need to do to the bike. Get rid of the stock tires (especially the front) and immediately change the bars since the the stock ones seem to be made out of silly putty.

I'm running the FMF MegaMax II with 10 disc. Clearly, the pipe is quieter than uncocked stock and not as raspy sounding. I did loose some top end however; the low/mid power is great. If you ride the twisty stuff, I recommend this pipe. It is highly tuneable and one of the best in terms of power to sound. You will have a difficult time finding one however. FMF stopped making the pipe in favor of the Powercore IV4 squared. Also, the pipe saved me over 3lbs. of highly mounted, unsprung weight.

Thanks for your input on cam timing Willy. That was exactly the kind of info that I was looking for.I definitely don't want to make my bike more difficult to ride in the technical stuff. I had to laugh when I read your comments about the front tire and the handlebars.My first ride on this bike I lost the the front end at low speed and twisted the bars!Thanks to you as well Bryan for the comments on your experience with the FMF Megamax.I wonder if I could expect similiar results with the Powercore IV squared?

The Power Core Squared is a good pipe however; just not as quiet and tuneable as the MegaMax II. Go to the search feature of this site and read posts on the various pipes. Just type in the name of the pipe. You'll find lots of info. The other hot set-up is the Stroker SX-1 Silencer with an FMF Powerbomb header. More expensive, but available and allow you to change your oil filter without loosening the stock head pipe.

I have a canadian wr99 (Montréal). My goal was really low noise and low end torque so I went with a megamax 2 with the quiet core and 6 (yes just six!!!) disks. I don't have to convince you that the bike is really quiet, as quiet as the stock one. I dual ride.

I went for the yz timing. Did the change in less than 2 hours while taking all my time. The harder and longer part is to rejet the bike.

I won't go back for sure. I do not run in really tight stuff and I just ride for pleasure. I prefer to have more power to be able to lift the front wheel. Maybe (I said maybe) I lost some traction but I gained a lot of fun FOR SURE.

The bike reachs 155 km/h in no time and I lift the front wheel with just gaz in second gear. Low end torque is not a problem. Are you close to Montréal?

Thank-you for your opinion on the YZ cam timing and exhaust issues Robin.I think I'm going to leave the cam timing alone for now. I really don't mind the kind of power that the bike makes,after all if I had wanted a motocross bike,that is what I would have bought.It sounds like you are happy with your FMF pipe.I just might try one.Anyone have any commemts on the fit,durabilty etc.?

I live in Orillia,which is about 100 km north of Toronto.I ride in the local area as well as make day trips to the Ganaraska forest etc.The closest to Montreal that I have ever ridden was in Calabogie(just west of Ottawa)this past summer.I also try to participate in as many of the Kawasaki trail rides as possible.I was wondering if you are allowed to ride on the ATV trails in Quebec as I hear that they are quite extensive.

The FMF fit very tightly however; everthing lined up properly. The finish of the pipe is good to excellent. The quality of the materials is about the same. I can't say much about the durability because I've only riddent with it 3-4 times. I do know that when you install the pipe, you have to tighten bolts starting at the head and working your way back. If you don't, the pipe may be bound up somewhere and stress fractures will develop over time. Overall, I'm pleased with the pipe and would recommend it to others.

Yes, really happy with the pipe. this pipe was owned by clark mason before and he sold it to me so the pipe have seen many trails and travelel more than me. The pipe is still like new and no crack in view. Just a funny fact. When I dissassembled the pipe header combo I had the stock combo in one hand and the fmf combo in the other, cannot tell which one is the heavier. so don't buy a complete system to expect a difference you'll feel.

I did a Kawasaki ride last year. Usually, we ride in any trail close to Montreal. I don't thing we have the right to ride in atv trails but we have so many that we don't have to.

Robin, I weighed my stock silencer when I pulled it off my bike at 8.5lbs. The FMF MegaMax II is listed as 5.9lbs. I didn't weight the new pipe so I'll have to take FMF's word for it.

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