When to make first valve adjustment

Has anyone done the first valve adjustment? The manual says after initial breakin, my Mech says after first 100 miles. Any suggestions ? If anyone has done it how far off where they ?

I checked mine when I changed over to YZ timing at about 600 miles. It was right on the money, no adjustment needed.

I checked my clearances for the first time last weekend while doing the 450 cam swap. They were TIGHT! At the very minimum side of the clearance range on all valves. It doesn't have a lot of miles/hours on it, but it is a '99. Wear should only increase clearances, so the Mobil 1 must be working.

Be very careful Chaindrive. Tight clearances may be indicating a problem. As an engine wears, the valve clearances don't neccesarily increase, often times they decrease. This is caused by errosion of the valve seats in the heads and the subsequent "rising" of the entire valve over time. Keep an eye on those clearances so that you don't burn a valve.


With the cup & shim overhead cam setup on the Yamaha's, the wear causes the clearances to become tight. With a rocker arm steup wear causes the clearance to get loose.

Eric &tc;

Thanks for the warning! I feel dumb for not considering the possibility of seat wear tightening things up! I guess I was only considering cam lobe, lifter, and stem wear. I would feel better with values in the middle of the tolerance range. Dang, I just ordered the new shims and will have to wait a week for them! Guess I better buy an assortment... And the weather is sooooo nice right now....

No problem. I have the same problem with my 97 YZF 1000. ONE valve out of sixteen is too tight!! :D:) That means hours of labor to remove the bodywork, gas tank, airbox, carbs, cam cover and 2 camshafts to loosen one lousy valve. Plus it just wouldn't be any fun if I didn't drop SOMETHING into the engine.

Now that I think of it does anyone want to buy a slightly used YZF 1000. Needs minor work. :D LOL I need to buy a KTM Duke or something.

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