Good price on 07 WR450?

Hey everyone, first post on the board here. I want to pick up a new bike, the old one has had it. There is an 07' WR450 for sale in my area for $4000, well #3950 which has skid plate, larger tank, brushgards for handlebars, and radiator guards. The bike looks clean from the pics, but I still haven't gone to see it. Anything I should know about the 07's besides the aluminum frame? Good price or not? I have ridden my buddies 03' and it is a blast. Thanks for any info.

Really, no opinions?

I have an 08 and the 07 is pretty much the same. Best move you'll ever make. Price sounds good but I'd look it over carefully...


If I remember right I paid $6,200 for mine out the door in 07. I think a brand new 09 or 08 will go for about the same price (OTD) today. Even if you low-ball the bill of sale for DMV I would guess the total cost, + registration, will make it about $4,200 OTD. So, for $2,000 less than a new bike plus all the extras it has makes it sound like a decent deal.

That of course is if it is in excellent condition. I think you need to look for the normal signs of an abused bike. Nothing particular about the WR for showing abuse that I know of. Some times I inspect the rider/owner more than I do the bike to get an idea of how it's been maintained.

Look at the stuf that normaly doesn't get replaced. The wear on thoes parts will say a lot. I allways ask the buyer not to start the bike before I look at it. I like to see how it starts cold. That's the way you will start the begining of every ride when you get it home. Also look for parts that normally never get changed but are now new. That's another sign of some past damage.

If it's a big purchase for you, spend a few bucks and have a Yamaha dealership take a look at it for you but only if your planning to buy it. Most sellers will let you if they are confident in the bike and are sure you will buy it if it checks out OK.

Before I buy used I do a lot of research on the going price for a certain used bike. I read a lot of for sale

ad(s) and look at lots of used bikes of the same model. I get a good idea of what seems to be a good deal from doing that.

I used to never look at used bikes that had a lot of aftermarket parts on them. I thought that a mod'ed bike ment that the owner like to beat it hard. I sill think that it has some truth to it but I have also seen some tricked out bikes that were well taken care of and some that were just plain babied. Thoes trick parts cost a lot. Some times it's good that the original owner paid for them.

I wish I could be more help, S/T.

Thankyou very much for the great information. Hopefully some more bikes keep coming along. I have only seen a few 450's, plenty of 250's though which would not suit my size.

Price is good! check her out thoroughly. ask about mods, and tune ups. should have a few of the latter by now.

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