Oil Change.

Did my first oil change. Did'nt know oil would shoot out the frame like that.So how much does the 450 hold(with new filter)? Also my manuel shows a screen needs to be cleaned. How often should that be cleaned and whats the easiest way to get it out? It sure ain't like my 2-stroke.

take out the bottom drain plugs first and it won't shoot all over your front tire, just the fender :) I bought a scott's filter and clean it every time I change the oil, the other "screen" is in the lines behind the skid plate, I think the left one, I think its 1.1 L with filter and 1.0 without the manual has the info on that.

How often do you change the oil? I changed mine after first tank, found nothing in the filter, was expecting some chips. After two tanks, changed just oil, and it look pretty good also.

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