Rekluse clutch for supermoto ???

Hi all, I have a chance to get a used Rekluse clutch for my supermoto WR at a good price, is there a point fitting one for street use ? Any info much appreciated

I don't see any advantage on the road.

I agree. No point. You always have traction on the road. Besides, the Rekluse is only really beneficial at slow almost walking speeds. That not street or supermoto use.

OK, if it's only good off road I'll pass than, thanks for your help guys

I believe rekluse works very well for supermoto, that is one of the things it was developed for.

I believe rekluse works very well for supermoto, that is one of the things it was developed for.

I thought it was the slipper clutch?? Rekluse won't give you enough free spin to justify the cost. In fact, the Rekluse Pro has almost no free wheel spin, except at very low rpms

DrzDasher please explain where is rekluse good for SM, does it improve starts, turning, braking ??? I'm bit confused now

I personally do not run 17in tard wheels but I do use a rekluse on the road. This is what I've found out after a few months on the road with one.

Pros: Easy to ride on the street, you don't have to worry about stalling it in the middle of the road. Awesome in stop and go traffic! Just gas and go.

LEFT HAND REAR BRAKE! this is the one major thing that an auto clutch is great for. You can come into right handers way faster and brake later also you have more control over the rear brake in all situations.

Cons: In 5th gear at at low throttle openings it almost slips. It does slip when you give it full throttle from idle in 5th gear . It revs up then grabs then goes. Under race conditions I don't see this as a problem because you would never just be cruising.

I believe a professional racer could not gain anything from an auto clutch. The average Joe that goes to the occasional track day could gain a lot from this type of clutch. It makes it easier to physically ride, so you can concentrate more on your line, braking point, apex, etc therefore making you fast.

The only thing you can really do is buy one and try it or find a buddy that has one.

That video has lots of info

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