Does your spark plug ever look like this?

Every time I change the plug, it has a white corrosive looking crust around the base of it. There is none on the threads or the inside of the washer. There is no evidence of moisture anywhere, the tunnel the plug goes in is compeletly dry, the plug cap is also completely dry.

I tried to post a pic, but apparently you have to put it on a website and do an add image. Is there some free place people put pics?

My plugs have the same buildup around the base too. The only thing I can think of is that maybe water is getting up under the spark plug cap when I'm washing it. I have tried to be more careful since I first discovered it.

Thats exactly what is happening. When you wash your bike you spary water in there.

Just start your bike after you wash it and let it run for about 3-4 minutes. That will evaporate it off the plug.

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