Anyone try the "New" Michelin S12 XC?

They now have a "New" S12 XC.

Anyone tried them yet?

My bike had the original S12's on it when I got it...Front looked almost new, back was about 50%.

Front is still on my bike, but I switched to the Maxxis Desert IT on the rear.

I liked the performance of the S12 better, but not enough to make up for the wear that the Desert IT gets.....and it's not that the Desert IT is "bad", just not as good in the soft wet stuff.....

Looking to see if the new XC version really does what they say as for wear...

From their web site:

Every aspect of MICHELIN® XC-series has been designed to maximize traction. Now a new rear rubber mixture improves durability by at least 25% compared with previous versions. Redesigned casing construction helps improve traction, feedback and feel, and speeds warm-up time. The new S12 XC™ tire is highly versatile and excels in a variety of terrain.

Reformulated rubber mixture improves durability by at least 25%, compared with previous MICHELIN® tires

Improved grip compared with previous MICHELIN® tires, thanks to new rear tread compound and changes in casing design

Redesigned tire structure incorporates an additional casing ply under the tread, which helps improve flexibility of the tread area. This in turn improves feedback, traction and warm-up time.

Thicker sidewalls in the bead area help increase lateral rigidity, further improving feedback and performance.

Proven, championship-winning tread designs remain unchanged from original M12™ tires

Aggressive shoulder knob design promotes cornering stability

Soft- to intermediate-condition tire for motocross or offroad

Tall, narrow knobs for mud penetration

Front knobs turned 45° for mud evacuation.

No one?

I'm spooning a set of S12 XC's on this week, racing HS this weekend. Coming from riding Dunlop 756 the past couple years. My biggest concern is wear, but we've got a lot of soft ground in MN. I'll be happy to report back once I've got a few miles on 'em.

That would be awesome...

The S12 work better around here, but I bet I would go through 3 or 4 of them (the non XC version...)compared to one desert IT.....and I just can't justify/afford that...

I bought some S12 XCs last week. Rode them on the weekend and they were great.

Took them over some mud/clay & rocky terrain and they're only just starting to round the knobs after 80kms.

They're great and have plenty of grip but the only drawback seemed to be that they were unpredictable. Push it hard into a corner and they kept surprising me when they all the sudden let go.

Don't know if other people have shared a similar experience or not.

I just ran a Harescramble with the new S12XC's. Rained the night before, so we had nice black loamy soil, some of it got pretty loose, a few rocks and roots hiding in the dirt. It's at an old ski area, so lots of hills as you can imagine and the climbs got really sloppy as time went on. The michys were awesome in the climbs, I just tractored up the stuff other guys were spinning in. I agree with VB, they can let go without warning, and I washed the front once or twice. Obviously rider error can play a part on my end, but maybe it's that they had such good traction that it's easy to get over confident. I only did 20 miles (C rider), so they're not showing any wear yet. I'm sure they're not the tire for hard, dry ground, but we have a lot of low laying swampy stuff here in MN. Good luck!

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