MOmilkman ,Where can I find that cool pic of the supercow?

Thanks. I was using it as a wall paper on my desktop but my son lost it.

Darin, Wow!! You've really out done yourself with your new pic... Very cool............ :)

Thanks Dan.

I'd like to take credit but I cant.

AlexDexter is the man.

Real Funny!

It was good seeing you at the meeting last night. Sorry, I didn't get to talk to you.

Talk to you later.


Hi Bob. Actually, thats good news you didnt get to talk with me. That means the club is growing and you just cant make it around to everyone anymore. I meant to go over and say Hi to you and Cliff too but I didnt make it either.

Hey nice job on the footpegs. They look great. Stuff like that I put off forever since I dont have easy access to a welder. But its on the "to do list".

Take care Bob.

I don't have a welder either. It's probably a good thing. I could do serious damage with one of those. Luckily Terry does and he know how to use it.

Talk to you later.


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