Radiator brackets breaking!

I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with their radiator bracket that holds the radiator shroud on the bottom from breaking off? I have an 08 WR450 and I ride singletrack mostly and I do lay it down from time to time but both have broken off and the only thing holding my shrouds on are my radiator guards. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what have you done to fis this? Metal seems thin to be welded but any suggestions would be great!

I've got an -08 also and have never had that problem. And believe me, I lay it down a bit also.

Do you have radiator guards? Not sure that would help but I have the Works Connection ones on my bike and they seem to cover the base of the tabs that the shrouds bolt to.

The other thing I'm thinking is that when they bend on mine, I bend them back very carefully. I try not to fatigue the aluminum because that will increase the tendency to break.

This was all probably not much help other than to tell you I haven't had any problems like this and I have about 2500 miles on mine. About 95% of that riding is offroad with that divided up about 50/50 between fireroads and singletrack.

I hope you get this figured out!


I could see that happening without guards... The Unabiker guard sandwiches that tab front and back and I don't think it will ever break:thumbsup:

I put some moose guards on about a month ago but they definately have been bent before. Thanks for the input though. I'll see if I can get it welded.

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