Any preference on 4-stroke oils?

I just got my first bike in about ten years ( 2006 wr 450 with only 160 miles, whoohoo) and I was wondering if anybody has any strong preferences for the brand of oils they use. I was thinking Maxima or maybe just sticking to Yamalube. All opinions apppreciated!:thumbsup:




This subject gets beaten to death weekly, Search is your friend.

Use any brand you like, just change it often...

I use spectro synthetic blend 10w40. Never had a problem with it in any of my bikes. On the KLX it's every 350 -500 miles. When I did a big bore on the KLX at 3000 miles the inside of the engine looked brand new. On the Wr it's every 2 or 3 rides depending on how many miles I've gone. I usually works out to be around 150-200 miles.

Use any brand you like, just change it often...

I use Yamalube But I agree with Lankyrider. Change it often. before the oil gets a chance to break down. Buy a case of Oil and half dozen filters. so you always have it on hand and don't have to go searching for supplies, sometimes that can be the biggest pain in the butt.

This topic has been litterally beaten to a pulp. Running a search on this site will litterally yield 20 pages of results just in the WR page alone :thumbsup:

For my money I use rotella 5w-40 synthetic CI-4 plus formulation (no longer available) and a ready racing stainless oil filter. These trannys shear the oil fast so whatever you use change it often!

C'Mon Guy's we haven't had a good oil thread in a while:moon:

To the OP:

Pick readily avalible oil at your favorite supplier. This way it is always handy and you may get a good sale price.

Buy motorcycle specific oil. Automobile oil "May" have friction modifiers in it that may adversly affect your clutch.

Use synthetic blend or straight synthetic since the lube is shared with the transmission which will place higher demands on the oil than the motor will. (this is why Honda has two different oil sumps).

Change it frequently to remove clutch plate partical contamination from circulating through the motor.

Brand name is far less important than oil quality and change frequency.:worthy:

now anyone want to start a "How to clean my air filter" Thread:p :lol: :lol:

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