carburator slider breaking.

I just got a 98 wr400. My first motorcycle. I have been mountain biking until now.

Anyway, after 400 really bitchin miles, it stoped running right. A friend (the previous owner) helped me tear it down. The slider had broken apart, and the pieces had been sucked into the cylinder. No major damage was done. The same thing had happened to him immediatly before he sold it to me. So, the slider only lasted 400 miles.....

My hope is that someone will have some advice on how to prevent this happening again. I have heard that it could be related to the throttle stop being cut down too far?!?!

hi there........

i do have a machined out carburator slide that is made from softer aluminum and its proven not to break in 98-99 wr/yz400f........

pm me if you are interested

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