Rear shock rebuild yz400f where to start?

Dear whoever may be able to help,

I have ordered some rear shock rebuild equipment (seals/piston kit) as I lost all the oil from my rear shock and it felt way too bouncy (only spring doing any type of work). I am looking at rebuilding it myself as I have access to nitrogen gas filler and good mechanical aptitude. I have taken the shock off, have loosened off the spring.

How does this thing come apart now? I mean, does a threaded cap hold the oil and piston within the main canister? Or is it pressed in? I can't find diagrams anywhere of how it goes together I have looked everywhere believe me.

I am the type of person who just figures out things along the way but a bit of advice would make it a quicker process.


These are exactly what I was after thankyou very much AJ, this website is a valuable tool! All I could find is a the mx-tech pdf's. Just wondering how to get the spring off? but maybe this will be clearer when I loosen the spring washers completely. Thanks again the visual pdf was invaluable!

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