how many miles

Just checking to see what kind of miles some of you have on your bikes.

Im currently looking at a 2004 wr450f and it has around 2200 miles or 3500km on it. and i am trying to find out if that is high for one of these bikes

the bike is in incredible shape, the maintenance has been properly done and the price is right!

Lets see what you guys got


07 has 7200km on it. Almost all of it tight trails so lots of hours with racing hare scrambles and some MX riding in there too.

Valves still haven't moved, plan on replacing piston and camchain this winter.

Only real issues is I need to replace waterpump and countershaft seals. Just waiting on parts now......

I'm on second set of brake pads, chain/sprocket, wheel bearings, chain guide.

I think that about does her.

Yamaha reliability :thumbsup:

I just picked my '06 up with 3900km on it, and it looks like it just came out of the crate!

Previous owner rode it to work for the summer, then it sat.

An '04 with that low clicks seems like it's still in diapers! Grab it! This is my first real venture with Yamaha, and I must say, this bike for me is a keeper!

Over-engineered and built to last, and so,so,so much fun.....:worthy:

I had just over 10,000k miles on my 2001 WR. The valves lasted about 8,000miles before I had to replace them and cut new seats.

I just past 8500km on my 2006 in really hard trails (mud mud and gain mud), and cross country competitions . Two valve adjustments, I replaced 2 sets of chain and sprockets a lot of break pads,a lot of tires. I replaced set of rings and cam chain, valve seals, and water pump seals, when I hit 7000km. Oil every 400-500km.

Most durable hard enduro in my opinion I can compare with a lot of KTM of my friends.

sorry for my english...

I had a bit over 7700 miles on my 01 426 when I rebuilt it. It looked good when it came apart...

3900kms on my 08 WR450. Water pump seal only problem so far. Did more than 10,000 on the 450s predecessor, the 426, which was a magic bike. Although the poor 426 ended in tears. Bulletproof until then though. Should have rebuilt top end a bit earlier I reckon.

I'm the 3rd owner of my 04 idea how many miles are on it....

I can tell you that I put on about 4,000 km's on it last summer (when I first got it), and the only thing I did was change the oil every 500 km's, filter every second change, and keep the air filter clean.

Started to smoke a small amount at high rev's at the end of the season....took it apart this spring.

Rings were worn, cylinder had lost most of it's cross hatch, cam chain was completely toast (it wore the cam sprockets slightly, and I bet it was the original chain). Thats it, everything else was great.

Took cylinder to autoshop and they simply honed it to get some cross hatch in it, new rings, new timing chain. I put in a set of Hot Cam's, but didn't HAVE too (I didn't need much of a excuse), added a FMF power core, and JD kit...

I got about 1,000 km's on it this year since top end issues what so ever, and it hauls ass.


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